My Favorite Quotes
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 Steve Capus - “The ending of the 5050 partnership with Microsoft will give us more flexibility to continue the progress we've made.”
 Steve Capus - “Nature's Wrath Hell on High Water”
 Steve Capus - “It would have been very easy to put Brian in some area that would appear to be the end of the world, and he was one gust from being blown away.”
 Steve Capus - “When the venture began 10 years ago, who would have imagined that they would have grown so big”
 Steve Capus - “If Mike Wallace decides that he still wants to be in the game, we have a home for him. There are very few times when you get to welcome someone of his caliber into your organization.”
 Steve Capus - “Williams' presence speaks to everything in the network landscape having been churned up, ... Nothing is normal, except over here.”
 Steve Capus - “This is the next logical step for 'Nightly' and NBC News, ... We know that just as fast as technology is changing, people's lives are changing too, and they expect our newscasts to keep up with those changes.”
 Steve Capus - “Nightly News With Brian Williams.”
 Steve Capus - “Acquiring a controlling interest in MSNBC will allow us to fully integrate the channel into our news operations and our overall cable platform.”
 Steve Capus - “You don't hold back. This is a day and age where you need to get news out there. People expect it.”
 Steve Capus - “This is a real commitment, and we are going to do this for a substantial amount of time. I'm not going to put an end date on it because there is no way of knowing how long this is going to be needed.”
 Steve Capus - “If you stand pat and don't evolve, I don't care if you're first place or third place, you're doomed to extinction, ... (Evening newscasts) play an incredibly important role in America, but we're talking about the No. 1 nightly newscast in America and pushing it into an important new realm.”
 Steve Capus - “Look, this is what we are built for. You've got mundane days in the business and then days like this when all your work and planning are put to the test. We've got two small armies in two different parts of the world.”
 Steve Capus - “I've been fortunate to work with Cheryl for my entire career at NBC News, ... She is a real pro who knows this business-and particularly NBC News-inside and out, and we are so pleased to have her back at 30 Rock.”
 Steve Capus - “It would have been very easy to put Brian in some area that would appear to be the end of the world, and he was one gust from being blown away. We're not in the business of showboating.”
 Steve Capus - “We would all be foolish to ignore that number about how much we're off. We all have to figure out new ways to grow the audience. That's why we're putting so much emphasis on these new platforms. It gives us a whole new group of audience members that weren't there before necessarily, and don't sit down to watch the 'Nightly News' at 630 every night.”
 Steve Capus - “We are always looking for more ways to reach our audience with our reporting, and this DVD series is a great outlet, ... It enables us to put some of the most compelling material all in one place, and really encapsulates the stories of our time in a unique way.”