My Favorite Quotes
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 John Scarano - “We've been enjoying slow, steady growth.”
 Bryan Carano - “The first time you meet Coach (Pete) Savage, it is real intimidating.”
 Bryan Carano - “It was a feeling I've never felt in my life. We've wanted this for the last three years.”
 Marty Scarano - “The process is enormously competitive. People bring entourages.”
 Jeff Carano - “But it wasn't music. It wasn't guitars.”
 Marty Scarano - “The competition is stiff for everybody now.”
 Bryan Carano - “We're like brothers. We take care of each other on and off the court.”
 Jeff Carano - “We took a perfectly good hobby and turned it into a business.”
 Marty Scarano - “If it were up to me maybe wed have 35 sports, but we simply dont have the finances to do it. In the foreseeable future I dont see the finances to do it. No baseball for the foreseeable future.”
 Bryan Carano - “This isn't just baseball out here. It's life. Coach Savage eats it, drinks it, sleeps it. And that's what is so great about being a part of this.”
 Marty Scarano - “Were very excited to play a leading role in New Heights Summer Sports Camps this year and hope it is the beginning of long and fruitful relationship. The approach New Heights takes towards its sports camps gets to the heart of athletics. Participating in sports teaches you about teamwork and can help you grow as an individual. I believe that by sharing their own experiences and relating to the kids on a personal level, our own coaches and players may get as much out of this experience as the teens will.”