My Favorite Quotes
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 Arnold Carbone - “We tend to come up with flavors no one has ever thought of before.”
 Arnold Carbone - “We create and taste ice cream flavors all day long, so we thought it would be nice to take a break and let someone else do our jobs for a while. We're looking for people to let loose and get funky in creating the next chunky ice cream. We can't wait to taste the results.”
 James Carbone - “Mr. Bradford was the leader of a ring. If you heard the word 'Detroit connection,' Mr. Bradford was the leader.”
 Arnold Carbone - “We have to be really careful about letting too much information out. Ten years ago you could have gone on the Ben Jerry's tour, spent two bucks, and seen what we were working on in the lab.”
 Joe Carbone - “We did those things that we haven't been doing throughout the year, getting two-out base hits and two-strike base hits the opposite way. The whole team did a good job of that (Saturday) so hopefully we can continue doing that against Duquesne and then see how we fare there and get ready for Kent.”
 Eddie Carbone - “The rain on Sunday night combined with the warm temperatures have caused us to lose the over-seed on our greens and you can't have that happen. With a cold front moving through the next couple of days with more wind, the greens should get faster.”
 Eddie Carbone - “In a word, ridiculous. It is totally beyond comprehension. This is huge for golf fans, and South Florida is set for a dramatic showdown on the Blue Monster next week.”
 Eddie Carbone - “That will make the greens firmer and it will make it more difficult for the PGA Tour professionals to throw darts. I think that will address the issues the players have. I'm as surprised as anyone by the low scores. This isn't what I saw happening at the beginning of the week.”
 Eddie Carbone - “Maybe there's some more magic left in this Ford Championship.”
 Joe Carbone - “I was very proud of how the guys performed especially after coming off a tough loss Friday.”
 Eddie Carbone - “Given the depth of the field, and knowing that Tiger's title defense would significantly spike attendance, we went to great lengths to ensure that we could successfully manage the massive crowds coming out to Doral. To have 265,000 golf fans turn out over a two-year period, for what has become one of the premiere events on the PGA TOUR, is a testament to just how big of a family event this tournament has become in South Florida.”
 Nicholas Carbone - “Right now it's not a legal town committee.”
 Eddie Carbone - “We are thrilled to have the world's most recognizable athlete return to Doral to defend his championship. With Tiger's commitment, we will have nine of the top 10 golfers in the world golf rankings vying for one the most coveted trophies on the PGA Tour.”
 Nicholas Carbone - “We're looking for a fair method where all members of the party have a say. This is not a club.”
 Nicholas Carbone - “There might be a civil rights violation. But that's in the preliminary stage of research.”