My Favorite Quotes
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 Gov. Carcieri - “RISC is the hope for taking the state back. It's exciting because it is long overdue.”
 Gov. Carcieri - “We are going to know what is going on with learning in grades 3 to 8, and we are testing for that, so the light will shine.”
 Gov. Carcieri - “They've done the job and all of our Rhode Island Guard units have distinguished themselves time and time again.”
 Gov. Carcieri - “Many Rhode Islanders have raised concerns regarding a proposed 5.8 million reduction in adult day services for people with developmental disabilities. I have heard those concerns and I am announcing today that I will not pursue this specific budget reduction.”
 Gov. Carcieri - “Wind power is clean, abundant and environmentally friendly.”
 Gov. Carcieri - “There are challenges here. The good news is that we now have a system to identify them.”
 Gov. Carcieri - “Holmes has only been on the board since 2002, and has supported the necessary changes in management. Before taking any action, I want to understand what he knew about the management problems.”
 Gov. Carcieri - “Rising energy costs not only threaten our economy and our state's competitiveness but also greatly impact the pockets of Rhode Islanders, especially those on fixed incomes. Everyone is feeling the pinch. Its imperative that we take action now to bring costs down.”