My Favorite Quotes
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 Pierre Cardin - “We undress men and women, we don't dress them any more.”
 Pierre Cardin - “They said pret-a-porter will kill your name, and it saved me.”
 Pierre Cardin - “My name is more important than myself.”
 Pierre Cardin - “I was very lucky, I was part of the post-war period when everything had to be redone.”
 Pierre Cardin - “I have a name, I have to take advantage of it.”
 Pierre Cardin - “ Yeah, I thought that was cool too”
 Pierre Cardin - “The only one who is alive today and still being talked about is Pierre Cardin.”
 Benjamin Cardin - “It's a real enjoyment to represent you I'm the one who should be saying thank you to you for giving me the opportunity to serve in the Congress.”
 Benjamin Cardin - “Clearly, as far as Maryland politics are concerned, the gubernatorial election is a competitive election, ... All of us are looking at that and seeing what our strongest candidate would be.”
 Benjamin Cardin - “Investment advice is a very important component of good retirement policy, ... But it is vitally important that employees have a wide range of investment options, as well as full disclosure about the choices they have so they can make good investment decisions. This bill fails to provide workers enough choice or enough information.”
 Benjamin Cardin - “The American people need a Congress and an administration that will get tough on trade policy to rein in these runaway deficits. When you look at trade deficits in the context of growing foreign ownership of our national debt, you see that we're increasingly beholden to the very countries whose markets we'd like to open to American goods. Unless we reverse this dangerous trend, we'll soon find ourselves without negotiating leverage to promote our trade agenda.”