My Favorite Quotes
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 Mary Carillo - “She had to give it up. All we asked her for was everything.”
 Mary Carillo - “Hey, Maria wants it. She's starting to learn to move better and cut off angles and things like that. I'm a big believer in Maria. I think she's very hungry.”
 Mary Carillo - “That was something to me. There were times when I was crying, and she'd come around to me and say, 'Are you all right, Mary' I was broken up.”
 Mary Carillo - “If Andre is still around the second week, what a great thing that will be to watch.”
 Mary Carillo - “You say to Billie Jean, 'Boy, what's wrong with Venus' serve' - that's an hour.”
 Mary Carillo - “That says a lot. They could've chosen Arthur Ashe or a lot of other people. But they chose her. And that's not a sports magazine.”
 Mary Carillo - “Andre did something so many professional athletes never do. He grew up. He became a grown-up. It's been fun to watch, because we all saw him as the young guy, dripping with talent and earrings, and then through his slump and the love affairs. This is his 20th Open, and he is still the biggest draw without question.”
 Mary Carillo - “I think the generational differences and that fact that I was a woman doing a lot of men's tennis matches with those two kind of worked. We all brought different points of view. We all pronounced the players' names a different way so it sounded like there were 14 people on the court when we were together. Fred would say it one way and Cliffy would correct Fred and I'd correct Cliff. I think we did produce a nice sound. There was genuine warmth there. It was just a wonderful time.”
 Mary Carillo - “Who knows There's just no way to tell with the Williams sisters. Venus played a terrible match at the French, and a few weeks later she has an incredible run and wins Wimbledon. Both Williams sisters are good hard-court players, so anything is possible.”
 Mary Carillo - “They're back -- kind of. They do more with less match play than anyone I can think of. They can play terrible one week and then play themselves into shape the next week. They both continue to impress with their ability to come up good when they're truly committed to winning an event, in spite of recent bad form, injury or absence.”