My Favorite Quotes
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 Len Cariou - “I thought, 'It's a pretty grisly story, but if he makes a really romantic kind of score it might work,' ... But God knows why that subject matter would speak a musical to him. It's still beyond, I think, most people's comprehension.”
 Len Cariou - “But we proved them wrong.”
 Len Cariou - “I was in Canada running the Manitoba Theatre Centre as artistic director and I had written to Mr. Prince and asked him if he would give me his stage manager copy of the musical 'Company,' which I was going to do in my season there, ... He said, 'Yes,' and then said, 'By the way, Stephen's written you a musical and I'm going to send you the book.'”
 Len Cariou - “Many people in the theater business attended that first preview on Feb. 6, 1979. A lot of them said it was too bad, but it wasn't going to work, ... And I was really disappointed that especially actors gave it no chance.”