My Favorite Quotes
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 John Carlock - “The biggest thing I am trying to get across to these kids is knowing what pitches you want to hit. We want them to hit their pitch, like fastballs instead of curves. They are just learning to recognize which pitches are in their favor and which favor the pitcher. I believe all of that will come with maturity and experience.”
 John Carlock - “The best thing I can have is him playing there for four years. That's a key position for your defense. He's a smart kid and by the time he's a senior, he'll be great.”
 John Carlock - “They are all baseball oriented. You can tell they have played baseball awhile. Now when you step here and are playing 11th and 12th graders you're going to (have some losses). They seem to accept it, but they also know every game they play they should be in the game.”
 John Carlock - “We were blessed to have some young kids hungry for baseball. We're already excited about next year. We played well. We put forth the necessary effort.”
 John Carlock - “I like our attitude. We have guys that are very hungry for baseball and they are great kids to work with. They want to learn and are willing to do whatever it takes. Right now, our strengths are our pitching and defense. We need to work on our hitting.”