My Favorite Quotes
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 Robert Carlyle - “I want to keep audiences off balance, so they don't know who I am or how to take me. If I duck and weave, as Frank Bruno might say, I'll have a longer shelf life.”
 Thomas Carlyle - “But the whim we have of happiness is somewhat thus. By certain valuations, and averages, of our own striking, we come upon some sort of average terrestrial lot this we fancy belongs to us by nature, and of indefeasible rights. It is simple payment of our wages, of our deserts requires neither thanks nor complaint. Foolish soul What act of legislature was there that thou shouldst be happy A little while ago thou hadst no right to be at all.”
 Randy Carlyle - “He has a workmanlike attitude as every member of their hockey club does. You have to credit them with their work ethic.”
 Randy Carlyle - “He responded well that's what you expect of a veteran player who drew a lot of attention to himself in an incident like that. He turned a negative into a positive. He used it as a motivational tool.”
 Thomas Carlyle - “Wonderful ''Force of Public Opinion'' We must act and walk in all points as it prescribes follow the traffic it bids us, realize the sum of money, the degree of ''influence'' it expects of us, or we shall be lightly esteemed certain mouthfuls of articulate wind will be blown at us, and this what mortal courage can front”
 Thomas Carlyle - “I've got a great ambition to die of exhaustion rather than boredom.”
 Thomas Carlyle - “For one man that can stand prosperity, there are a hundred that will stand adversity.”
 Thomas Carlyle - “Adversity is the diamond dust Heaven polishes its jewels with.”
 Robert Carlyle - “Every actor I think has got their own number of takes that they like, you know. Some actors like to go all day, you know on the one scene and some actors want to take two takes. I personally like four.”
 Robert Carlyle - “I'll spare you the actors' pretentious rubbish, but a face reflects experience, so if you concentrate on a character something happens to you physically. Many actors look at the costume before the part, and that seems crazy to me. It's much more fun to be ugly. Not that I think I'm ugly, but I've never considered myself good-looking.”
 Robert Carlyle - “To be honest I've worked with a few American actors now and I was looking forward to that you know, coming up in my career thinking Yeah I'd like to work with some Americans because they seem to be very, very comfortable with improvisation. But that has not been my experience at all. They have to have things absolutely set.”
 Thomas Carlyle - “The purpose of man is in action, not thought.”
 Thomas Carlyle - “Action hangs, as it were, ''dissolved'' in speech, in thoughts whereof speech is the shadow and precipitates itself therefrom. The kind of speech in a man betokens the kind of action you will get from him.”
 Thomas Carlyle - “Nothing builds self-esteem and self-confidence like accomplishment.”
 Randy Carlyle - “He's a superstar. He plays every situation, night in, night out, has the ability to elevate his game, and does all the things that are necessary to provide you with leadership.”
 Randy Carlyle - “He had a large hand in our ability to win. Some nights he's required to make more stops. This was one of those nights.”
 Thomas Carlyle - “Violence does even justice unjustly.”
 Thomas Carlyle - “Vain hope to make people happy by politics”
 Thomas Carlyle - “The Public is an old woman. Let her maunder and mumble.”
 Thomas Carlyle - “Popular opinion is the greatest lie in the world.”
 Thomas Carlyle - “Perseverance is patience concentrated.”
 Thomas Carlyle - “If Jesus Christ were to come to-day, people wouldn't even crucify him. They would ask him to dinner, and hear what he had to say, and make fun of it.”
 Thomas Carlyle - “A healthy hatred of scoundrels.”
 Thomas Carlyle - “A crowd has the collective wisdom of individual ignorance.”
 Thomas Carlyle - “To a shower of gold most things are penetrable.”

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