My Favorite Quotes
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 Rudolf Carnap - “There is a continuum which starts with direct sensory observations and proceeds to enormously complex, indirect methods of observation.”
 Rudolf Carnap - “In science there are no 'depths' there is surface everywhere.”
 Rudolf Carnap - “Logic is the last scientific ingredient of Philosophy its extraction leaves behind only a confusion of non-scientific, pseudo problems.”
 Rudolph Carnap - “Whereas Frege had the strongest influence on me in the fields of logic and semantics, in my philosophical thinking in general I learned most from Bertrand Russell. In the winter of 1921 I read his book, Our Knowledge of the External World, as a Field For”
 Rudolph Carnap - “I should make a distinction between two kinds of readjustment in the case of a conflict with experience, namely, between a change in the language, and a mere change in or addition of, a truth-value ascribed to an indeterminate statement (i.e. a statement whose truth value is not fixed by the rules of language, say by the postulates of logic, mathematics and physics). A change of the first kind constitutes a radical alteration, sometimes a revolution, and it occurs only at certain historically decisive points in the development of science. On the other hand, changes of the second kind occur every minute. A change of the first kind constitutes, strictly speaking, a transition from a language Ln into a new language Ln1.”