My Favorite Quotes
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 Faye Carnes - “I have a gentlemen friend who encourages me to play golf too he plays as well. He's just a little older than I, but he's an inspiration to me.”
 Bob Carnes - “The first tackle store to carry our lures was Ken's Sporting Goods in Fayetteville, but we were able to get on with Wal-Mart back when they only had 12 stores and first started having a fishing tackle department. I guess we are one of the oldest of Wal-Mart tackle vendors, but they have been awfully good to us.”
 Kim Carnes - “She concedes that she's the one she pleases.”
 Kim Carnes - “The world opened to me. It was possibe for me to go to Europe. I believe that it was the greatest change of my life, not to limit me to America.”
 Kim Carnes - “The European public has always been great to me.”
 Kim Carnes - “Acting No, it is not for me. I would be terrible.”
 Troy Carnes - “I thought our defensive intensity was terrific.”
 Kelly Carnes - “It really says something when of 105 winners of the prestigious National Medal of Technology only two have been women.”
 Kim Carnes - “I would like for anyone who knows the history of how Dairy Day started 64 years ago to let us know so we can document its history. It is important to know how we started and how we have evolved over the years, so that we will know how to proceed into the future.”
 Bob Carnes - “Paul Amos died years ago, but he took a liking to me back then and started cutting molds for me until we got one we liked.”
 Kim Carnes - “I love to write, to sing, to make music. Not to act I am horrible.”
 Kelly Carnes - “We see a shortage of IT workers and think we'll meet our needs by importing foreign workers. But we don't bite the bullet to make the changes we need to make here in the U.S..”
 Kelly Carnes - “We want to give girls in particular the early and continuing exposure to information and creative IT career choices.”
 Bob Carnes - “I was selling a lot of jigs, but I was also fishing the bass tournaments and doing real good I was winning just about everything in this part of the country and was sort of setting my sights on being a professional bass angler.”
 Bob Carnes - “I've been lucky these days to have my brother Skip come up and run the company while I do the hard part, which is the fishing.”
 Faye Carnes - “I really started playing golf seriously here in Austin at this club and that's been 38 years ago.”
 Troy Carnes - “I guess we have always been capable of that because we have a lot of talented players. But we have never been that good together on the same night. I told them that the hungriest team would win this game and they showed me the hunger and desire that I was looking for.”
 Kim Carnes - “The calf scramble will be during both rodeo performances and consist of children attempting to catch and halter several loose calves. If a child succeeds, he or she will receive a certificate to purchase a breeding animal to raise and bring back to the livestock show next year.”
 Kelly Carnes - “In the next 10 years, the U.S. will need 1.3 million programmers, systems analysts, and computer science engineers. These are jobs that pay 64 percent above the national average. That's not a bad challenge to answer.”