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 Eric Shepcaro - “Interoperability is one of the biggest challenges facing businesses and government agencies today as they plan their migration to VOIP and IP telephony. This alliance addresses that challenge, ensuring that regardless of where enterprises are in this migration, their traditional voice networks will interoperate with their IP-based voice network and equipment.”
 Niki Caro - “Frances was a hard one. Oh, man, ... But finally I sent her a picture of the huge 240-ton truck she was going to get to drive in the movie, and she e-mailed me back, 'I give up Men may come and go, but that is a really nice truck.'”
 Bruce DiVaccaro - “It has a clean and simple style to it very simple. It has a nice, graceful shape. I was told it captured the personality of that duck.”
 Sonny Vaccaro - “He's Josh Smith with more personality.”
 Susan Viccaro - “We felt that parents would feel more comfortable with a program in the same district.”
 Jimmy Vaccaro - “Alan speaks his mind, whether you agree or disagree. For me to get a spark out of the first contest like this, I couldn't get just anyone.”
 Niki Caro - “If the films about anything, ... its about the right to work with some kind of dignity.”
 Niki Caro - “If the films about anything, ... its about the right to work with some kind of dignity.”
 Niki Caro - “I didn't want to make anything that wasn't compassionate and didn't allow them their dignity and I hope they're really proud of the film and more than that, I hope they're really proud of their women.”
 Robert Caro - “Robert Moses wasn't elected to anything. We're taught that in a democracy power comes from being elected. He had more power than anyone, and he held it for 48 years.”
 Robert Caro - “The ballet embodies the notes of music. And sometimes you almost feel like you can see the notes dance up there on the stage.”
 Robert Caro - “I was trying to learn about Lyndon Johnson when he was young and creating his first political machine in the Texas hill country. I moved there for three years. You had to learn that world.”
 Niki Caro - “Girl From the North Country.”
 Niki Caro - “North Country”
 Sonny Vaccaro - “This city is one of the hotbeds for high school talent in the country. It looks like we've found a permanent home.”
 Sonny Vaccaro - “They want to own everything. They have successfully wrapped up every great name athlete. They have made a concentrated effort to do that, cost be damned.”
 Don Scaro - “An office visit will cost whatever the insurance dictates. If the insurance dictates a co-pay then that is what they can expect to pay.”
 Don Scaro - “Now they tell their patients to go to hospital emergency rooms if they get sick. We hope to make one-on-one visits with area doctors and convince them to refer their patients after hours to be seen.”
 Nick Lobaccaro - “There's a deep Chrysler team that helped the company -- it wasn't just him -- but he's very, very highly regarded, certainly considered among the top auto executives in the world. So it is a question, why can't you have a role for perhaps one of the most talented guys in the industry”
 Nicholas LoBaccaro - “We continue to believe that Ford is fundamentally a much stronger company than GM and DaimlerChrysler, which is obvious from a comparison of each company's third-quarter performance.”
 Nicholas LoBaccaro - “It seems like he has stakes in a lot of companies. Sometimes he's very active. Sometimes he's passive. Federal Mogul is a company he's been putting money into, and it hasn't helped the stock price.”
 Don Scaro - “There are several advantages to our services. We are in the community where people live, you don't have to wait, and you can consider the cost savings.”
 Nick Lobaccaro - “Based on the billion people in China, and the likely hitting of middle class status for hundreds of millions of people over the next several years, GM wants to be there early, establish a brand equity early. And their ambitions are to be a major player in China for the long term.”
 Don Scaro - “The center will be open seven days a week with emergency room certified physicians and premiere health care available in minutes.”
 Eric Shepcaro - “A year after the four hurricanes in Florida, 74 of Florida companies have a business continuity plan. And 72 say it's an important priority.”

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