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 Eric Shepcaro - “Immediate benefits of convergence include significant reductions in capital and operational expenditures. However, those are secondary gains, because network convergence should be more focused on creating the next generation of services that will enable business customers and partners to increase value.”
 Robert Caro - “I sometimes feel that if your book sells more than 20 years, then there's something in it that you can say, gee, I did something that endures, that's timeless.”
 Niki Caro - “The book was about a 22-year legal battle, and let me tell you, that makes for a well-researched but very convoluted story,”
 Luke Vaccaro - “There are a few things you have to do if you want to get good. You have got to take care of your body exercise daily. If you have money, go to a personal trainer.”
 Luke Vaccaro - “There are a few things you have to do if you want to get good. You have got to take care of your body exercise daily. If you have money, go to a personal trainer.”
 Niki Caro - “She is a movie star in a classic sense. She is more dazzling than any blonde before her.”
 Bruce DiVaccaro - “I never thought I had my own style before, until I carved that bird.”
 Robert Caro - “I never wanted to do biography just to tell the life of a famous man. I always wanted to use the life of a man to examine political power, because democracy shapes our lives.”
 John Vaccaro - “Hartford Quantum II is our latest product within a new and innovative generation of life insurance policies that The Hartford has introduced to the market. Consumers today first and foremost want guaranteed death benefit protection. But they also understand the need for tax-advantaged asset accumulation. Our new hybrid policy provides the opportunity for both.”
 Chris Vaccaro - “A combination of factors makes spring most vulnerable for flooding. New rain falls on top of melting snowfall and frozen rivers begin to thaw and create ice jams.”
 Robert Caro - “The New York City Ballet is obviously speaking to a whole new generation and bringing it the same wonder and beauty that it brought previous generations.”
 Robert Caro - “I really wanted there to be something in my life that I enjoy just for the beauty of it.”
 Niki Caro - “I hope you can see that I love Minnesota, ... You know, all the women from the mines talked to me about the beauty of the land. The idea that it has always been there, this mystical place that is scary and seductive and that, for many years, they never saw the inside of. So I tried to show that this land is very beautiful and that, even though a lot of ugly things happened, so did a lot of beautiful things.”
 Sonny Vaccaro - “These kids in Europe are for real. Just because you can't pronounce their names don't think they can't play basketball. And I think what's happening in the draft is a great motivating tool for these kids. They are ignorant. And then they make fun of these guys on draft night. But they don't know how good they are.”
 Nicholas LoBaccaro - “I don't know if they're chomping at the bit to unlock the value of Hughes any time soon. If look at the way the stock fell from 94 in April, you see that without Hughes being center of attention, the auto business gets almost no value on Wall Street.”
 Niki Caro - “You've got to be pretty to get their attention, but then that becomes your prison, as well,”
 John Vaccaro - “We used motion to shake our guys free on that play. Adam made his best throw of the day, putting it right on the numbers, and he got great protection from the offensive line.”
 Niki Caro - “I make it my business to have felt everything the characters need to feel, so if the actors need me to help them go where they need to go, I have already been there,”
 Niki Caro - “There is usually so much stuff all over the floor that it's like the actors are in a cage. How could you act that way We were able to have the camera follow the actors, so they could move and breathe.”
 Niki Caro - “If people walk out feeling emotional about the movie, that would be enough for me, ... But for people who have experienced (abuse), in an ideal world, it would give them courage to stand up.”
 Nicholas LoBaccaro - “We continue to believe that Ford will enjoy a significant advantage over GM and DaimlerChrysler in terms of mix, incentive levels and the ability to significantly grow luxury sales. Ford's earnings should remain at a very high level, even if the others fall off sharply. Ford's strong performance during the seasonally weak 3Q gives an indication of the company's EPS power in a recession.”
 Juan Mascaro - “Then Arjuma saw in both armies fathers, grandfathers, sons, grandsons fathers of wives, uncles, masters brothers companions and friends.... When Arjuna thus saw his kinsmen face to face in both lines of battle, he was overcome by grief and despair and thus he spoke with a sinking heart.”
 Eddie Arcaro - “There's no sense in whipping a tired horse, because he'll quit on you. More horses are whipped out of the money than into it.”
 Eddie Arcaro - “When a jockey retires, he becomes just another little man.”
 Eddie Arcaro - “You have to remember that about seventy percent of the horses running don't want to win. Horses are like people. Everybody doesn't have the aggressiveness or ambition to knock himself out to become a success.”

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