My Favorite Quotes
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 Christa Carone - “We found some unexpected problems related to our customer receivables in Mexico, which we announced two weeks ago, and we have launched our own thorough internal investigation. We are fully cooperating with the SEC and will be in a position to provide more information when we release second-quarter earnings.”
 Tom Ciccarone - “If they don't reinstate every four years, they drop a level. They have to earn their classification.”
 Christa Carone - “It is absolutely premature to discuss a precise number. We have not disclosed a precise number.”
 Christa Carone - “They were concerned about one of the issues in the contract, but all along Xerox denied any wrongdoing.”
 Tom Ciccarone - “I'm thrilled with the level of competition and the level of refereeing.”
 Christa Carone - “Xerox has an agreement in principle with the SEC that effectively resolves Xerox's outstanding issues with the SEC.”