My Favorite Quotes
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 Lloyd Carr - “Our biggest problem has been, offensively, getting the ball in the end zone. We've had ample opportunities in the red zone that would have impacted all those games, and we have just not been able to execute the things we need to do.”
 Stephen Carr - “Bob Wood did more for the good of the town than any other person of his generation.”
 Greg Carr - “They'd rather take the 15-yard penalty than give up the touchdown or a big play. I kind of expect that.”
 John Carr - “We have a technology, we know that it works, ... give it to the big kids.”
 David Carr - “We can compete for something more than just respect and pride. We realize there are some obtainable goals, and we want to go out and get them.”
 David Carr - “Well the first quarter, we were able to do what we wanted to do, but then it just snowballed. We had a touchdown that got called back and then we didn't get it in. I think we got three field goals. We just have to find a way to turn those into touchdowns.”
 Lloyd Carr - “If you look back on games you held them to field goals, you won,”
 Brian Carr - “I ripped some girls at halftime and challenged them, and they stepped up and did the job tonight. She looked me in the eye and said, 'I'll get the job done,' and I think she did a good job on Whitney Lindsay in the second half.”
 Gary Carr - “The girls learned a lot. They made some mistakes but they were all learning mistakes. And I saw some really good things.”
 Gary Carr - “It was a hard fought, good match.”
 Dylan Carr - “It feels pretty good. It's my first year at states so I'm happy.”
 Dylan Carr - “He was good, but I'll be back next year.”
 David Carr - “(Losman's) got some good players around him. If he just lets them do their job, he'll be fine. He's a good player.”
 Lloyd Carr - “The question I was asked before the season was, 'Would you be disappointed to not be in the Sugar Bowl' ... I can tell you, I would never be disappointed to take a team to the Rose Bowl. To play in that stadium -- outdoors, on grass, in the sunshine -- how could you be disappointed”
 Eric Carr - “I've tried electric drum pads, but I hate them. I even had a huge, double-bass electronic kit in my last apartment that I played on through headphones, and I had that for maybe two days and that was it”
 Bob Carr - “The shark has its head to the west and tail to the east, very much the way the Indians would put a human in the ground.”
 David Carr - “Hey, what are you checking a play for You don't know what the hell you are doing, checking defenses.”
 Brian Carr - “We are really looking forward to it, and we were hoping it would be like that. That's why we invited them. They've got a super team with a lot of history so it will take everything we have to compete with them.”
 David Carr - “I felt like I was back in my first year playing against San Diego. This is how I felt after that game. Of course, you'd hope it would be a little different in your fourth year.”
 Stephen Carr - “Brian has done a fantastic job and I sincerely hope he is allowed to continue as manager,”
 Lloyd Carr - “We hope he'll be able to come back for the last couple weeks of spring practice.”
 Lloyd Carr - “I hope he plays. Mike has done everything. There's nobody who wants to play more than he does. We'll just have to see where he is.”
 Mike Carr - “We wanted to get our house numbers up before we could prospect effectively.”
 Kerry Carr - “We went there with the idea that we had a lot to learn.”
 Laurie Carr - “We even had a junior varsity sweeper protecting the net because we were out two players due to illness. The freshmen and sophomores in the game did a nice job.”

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