My Favorite Quotes
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 Gordon Carriker - “This is an opportunity for Missouri producers concerned about the various risks they face each day to learn about and how to use some of the basic tools to manage those risks.”
 Gordon Carriker - “That means making the effort to put records together, preparing financial statements and preparing a business plan, especially if the producer is looking at a new enterprise.”
 Gordon Carriker - “We saw a financial disaster in agriculture in the early 1980s as a result of inflated farmland values and the increased borrowing on those values. When the bottom dropped out of the farmland market, we saw loans called in and foreclosures to cover those loans.”
 Adam Carriker - “We have a lot of returning people, we're familiar with the system. There's really no reason we shouldn't expect to be playing in the Big 12 title game next year.”
 Adam Carriker - “We play a tougher schedule, but we can be very good. We have a lot of returning people, and we're familiar with the system. There is no excuse, no reason why we shouldn't be very good and playing in the Big 12 title game.”
 Adam Carriker - “That's why you come to Nebraska-to play in bowl games, championship games and national television games. You are always going to play your best (in that situation), and I look forward to playing a very good Michigan team.”
 Adam Carriker - “You play all year to get to a bowl game. You'd rather be playing for a national title, but this is a great step for us in getting this team back to where it belongs.”
 Adam Carriker - “I've always been a Husker fan. Growing up, I remember the defense had 50-some sacks. Last year wasn't half as many. That's not good. It wasn't acceptable.”
 Adam Carriker - “He does a great job for us, helping us to always have a long field to defend.”