My Favorite Quotes
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 JoAnn Carrin - “We're confused. We don't understand the judge's reaction. We're perfectly prepared to prosecute this case.”
 Glenn Carrin - “Probabilities are there for a drier winter than expected. There's no relief in any substantial amount.”
 Glenn Carrin - “I think we're still expecting an above normal season for 2006.”
 Glenn Carrin - “It's really a continuation of the high pressure staying in the West while storm after storm continues to the East. We're stuck in the middle.”
 JoAnn Carrin - “We don't want people to think they make a will or bequest and then once they die it's going to be ignored or not followed.”
 JoAnn Carrin - “He just wants to make sure the wetlands are as protected as they can be.”
 Glenn Carrin - “As a result, places in the Southeast, like Atlanta, are having quite a wet time of it, and we are getting nothing. There's not much in the way of relief for the next 10 days, and January through March show below normal predictions.”
 JoAnn Carrin - “It is not a formal investigation. Someone is sending us a copy of the study. When we receive it, we will review it and then respond to folks that inquired.”
 JoAnn Carrin - “We are going to submit a detailed explanation on what we have done thus far in the case and why we believe we think we have the authority to do so. The Attorney General has every intention of prosecuting this case.”