My Favorite Quotes
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 Harry Carson - “My mom used to say, 'Give me my flowers while I can smell them,' and I got the same feeling when I found out how those players felt. It was as if they gave me my flowers.”
 Scott Carson - “wanted more than we were willing to give.”
 Richard Carson - “We made some mistakes in the first half, gave up some big plays and turned the ball over. I told the kids, don't quit, don't give up and play hard the second half.”
 David Carson - “You'll see everything from gold teeth to hood ornaments. It's almost like Halloween during August.”
 Joe Carson - “Low growth in GDP and a decline in productivity -- hours worked rose more than GDP -- implies margin compression and a sequential decline in operating profits.”
 Scott Carson - “It's really gratifying to see this kind of momentum as we head for the end of the year.”
 Dale Carson - “Warriors believed that a particular animal would represent the power in their heart. They would put that animal on their shield, and the power of the spirit would protect them.”
 Jay Carson - “It's a bold and sweeping step that industry and childhood obesity advocates have decided to take together.”
 Tom Carson - “Fortunately for the victims and the public at large, we were proven right. We firmly believe that justice has been served.”
 Jonah Carson - “It's amazing how much stronger the program has become because of the leadership they've provided.”
 Jay Carson - “I looked up and thought, man, that guy really looks like President Bush. And it was”
 Kit Carson - “Each of us, having received several hundred dollars, we passed the time gloriously, spending our money freely - never thinking that our lives were risked gaining it.”
 Essence Carson - “Honestly, I just hope I know by game time. You know how Coach always has tricks up her sleeve.”
 Essence Carson - “We've been out here a long time. Practice, practice, practice.”
 Jay Carson - “He's really wanted to start doing it more for a long time. He wants to stay in touch.”
 Luke Carson - “It's always a battle when you're playing against Jack Newman, ... I made some birdies at the right time. I know when I beat Jack, I beat the best.”
 David Carson - “There's no other time in the year where commercials can take center stage. Commercials are always the things that are playing when you're going to the bathroom or grabbing a soda from the fridge.”
 Clayborne Carson - “Even though the Hartford speech was one of his standard speeches, every time he gave it there were variations.”
 Scott Carson - “The key technology behind it is the proprietary phased array receive and transmit antenna that Boeing has been developing for some time,”
 Joe Carson - “Previously the Fed had a reason to raise rates. There is no compelling reason to raise rates at the present time.”
 Harry Carson - “These guys are the best advertisement we could have. Each of them was the case of a coach resurrecting a franchise that had fallen onto hard times. You would think that there would be some owners and general managers out there who would want to take a much deeper look and step outside the box.”
 Ted Carson - “The depth is not there like it was in the past, but the Lee girls have a great shot of winning a title. On Midland High we have good quality but not a lot of quantity.”
 Essence Carson - “There will be points in the game where we have lapses and there was one of them. But we were out there to get it done today.”
 Ted Carson - “We had kind of a rough day. But we're optimistic that things will be better (today).”
 Johnny Carson - “Your chances of getting struck by lightning go up if you stand under a tree, shake your fist at the sky, and say Storms suck”

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