My Favorite Quotes
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 Scott Carswell - “They're a team that plays with a lot of heart. If you get to the final four it's not a fluke. You have to win three games to get there so you have to be doing something right.”
 Gene Carswell - “We need to be good coming out of the gates or we are going to get run over. Doubles is going to be a large point of this match. Doubles is only one point, but it does a lot in setting the tone.”
 Gene Carswell - “Now that he's healthy, I think that plays into how he's playing. He's looking a lot more fit and strong out there. He's really doing well moving up to balls. He's such a good ball-striker, so when he's in (the right) position he's going to be tough.”
 Gene Carswell - “I thought we accomplished a lot over the weekend. We're making progress as a team and we know what we have to work on heading into the season.”
 Scott Carswell - “I thought Bush was going to score.”
 Gene Carswell - “I was very impressed with the overall keenness of play on our first day back. We're looking forward to improving our results the rest of the weekend.”
 Scott Carswell - “We're trying to keep our kids focused. They have to remember the reason we're here is to play soccer.”
 Scott Carswell - “I'm thinking about building a special stage in front of the big stage and doing it in the round. I think it would sound great with the grand piano and the middle of the room. My technician is coming over in a little bit to see if it's do-able. We'll see. It should be a great show either way.”
 Scott Carswell - “We wanted to put pressure on them early but we didn't finish our opportunities. To their credit, they weathered the storm and played with the heart that they've played with all year.”
 Scott Carswell - “They all care about each other. It's not always enough to have great players. You have to sacrifice.”
 Scott Carswell - “Heck, nobody wrote an article on us in five years and now we have people coming by practice to take pictures. This is all new to us. (Two-time state champion) Satellite Beach usually gets all the attention over here.”
 James Carswell - “Whenever man comes up with a better mousetrap, nature immediately comes up with a better mouse.”