My Favorite Quotes
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 Enrico Caruso - “The U.S. may be keeping rates strong for the foreseeable future. It's a battle of yields and the dollar is still going to be king.”
 Nick Caruso - “They want to take a decent meal away and give these people a frozen meal that comes in a teeny bitty package that doesn't even look palatable.”
 Michael Caruso - “The government is trying to put Jose in the same box, but it just doesn't fit.”
 Michael Caruso - “These transcripts do not say what the government says they say.”
 Rep. Caruso - “We hope by doing that we will gain the signature of the governor to put in law this legislation.”
 Rep. Caruso - “We feel these documents and information will help us determine more accurately what was going on.”
 David Caruso - “Not to sound too pathetic, but there have been long stretches where I haven't been able to get a job.”
 David Caruso - “I went from a guy, kind of a working actor, a supporting player, to magazine covers and being offered the studio pictures really quickly. Nobody was comfortable with it. I wasn't really comfortable with it.”
 Anthony Caruso - “There are such varying degrees of the price a customer gets for shipping. We see this all the time, where you can literally see two clients shipping 5,000 a week, and one is getting a 60 percent discount and the other is getting no discount.”
 Anthony Caruso - “You have this whole staff of people and yet you only pay them for the exact time that you need them.”
 Nick Caruso - “He's been great. Last year he split time in goal. This year he has improved and is making a lot of big stops.”
 Rep. Caruso - “We want to see what he was thinking at the time. He's the one who received the employment. Was it something that he sought Was it something that the companies offered to him”
 Guy Caruso - “I don't have any specific concerns about Saudi Arabia at this time.”
 David Caruso - “Now is a very good time to do the rebalancing game, Let's go where we're not.”
 David Caruso - “Now is a very good time to do the rebalancing game, ... Let's go where we're not.”
 Joe Caruso - “Usually we're slow coming out of the gates with the bats. Today we came out swinging the bats early and that was definitely big. It seemed like we were more comfortable in the box. I think playing at home helped - we haven't played a lot of home games.”
 Frank Caruso - “The red and gold is a nice tribute. To the golden age of animation to today that she's red hot.”
 Guy Caruso - “Apparently the price isn't high enough to curb non-discretionary travel.”
 Bill Caruso - “Right now, we need to play. The preseason is long, and they're dying to play. They've been dragging the last couple of days, although we couldn't have had better weather. We had some good scrimmages and some not too good.”
 Guy Caruso - “substantial price increases this winter.”
 Guy Caruso - “Clearly, we expect significant price expenditures (for heating fuels) this winter compared to last winter,”
 Michael Caruso - “Weak is not the right word.”
 Michael Caruso - “Weak isn't even the right word.”
 Warren Caruso - “It's a good start for us, but I know we're not done. We still have a handful of recruits apply that we're waiting for word on and some of them are big guys.”
 Guy Caruso - “What's happening is fundamentally that the world oil market is extremely tight and crude prices are rising, partly because demand is outstripping supply and partly because of the geopolitical pressures that we're reading about every day in the papers.”

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