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 Guy Caruso - “There's very little upstream capacity. We're still living in a disrupted world oil supply environment.”
 David Caruso - “Television, as you know, can kind of jettison you into a whole new world.”
 Peter Caruso - “We believe that one of the reasons that CC earnings are imploding is because Best Buy is opening up powerful stores in large metropolitan markets, particularly in New York. We believe capacity will get worse. Best Buy has a large amount of cash and they are ramping up their expansion to try to pre-empt CC's turnaround.”
 Michael Caruso - “The government is attempting to build a circumstantial case against this man after holding him for 3 12 years.”
 Frank Caruso - “Betty's bigger than ever. There's not many companies that can say that. Betty is one of the top animated characters out there. People are embracing her just as much now as 75 years ago.”
 David Caruso - “I went from starring in a Paramount movie to unemployment for two years. Literally, I couldn't get a job for almost two years.”
 David Caruso - “It's taken me a long time to get back into the industry. People were not really open to me working, or being a part of the industry.”
 David Caruso - “Don't even think about cashing out. Stay the course. People are playing a dangerous game right now. This is the time to be putting money in.”
 Peter Caruso - “The stock will likely remain under pressure in the very near term due to the lowered growth rate for earnings per share. However, we would use the weakness in particular as a buying opportunity.”
 Enrico Caruso - “It was he who impressed, time and again, the necessity of singing as nature intended, and - I remember - he constantly warned, don't let the public know that you work. So I went slowly. I never forced the voice.”
 David Caruso - “It really comes down to the fact that, because I was perceived as a bad guy for leaving the show, I think people were rooting against the movies. That was really unfortunate.”
 David Caruso - “Fear is a much bigger motivator than greed, but you've got to save money and put it in stocks. It's like a diet - to lose weight you have to eat less and exercise.”
 Michael Caruso - “This is especially brutal to Jose after he spent more than three years in a military brig without charges.”
 Enrico Caruso - “Jewish cantors employ a peculiar art and method of singing in their delivery. They are unexcelled in the art of covering the voice, picking up a new key, in the treatment of the ritual chant, and overcoming vocal difficulties that lie in the words rather than in the music.”
 Enrico Caruso - “A big chest, a big mouth, 90 percent memory, 10 percent intelligence, lots of hard work, and something in the heart.”
 Enrico Caruso - “If consumer confidence keeps surprising, it's going to make it easier for the Fed to keep the accelerator on.”
 Anthony Caruso - “She's studying the different plans, and getting help, to find out which plan is to her best advantage.”
 Anthony Caruso - “I'm already enrolled in a plan. Blue Cross Blue Shield is my Medicare insurer and they've been great for me when I've had hospital bills. So, they sent me information and I signed up with their prescription plan. I get terrific coverage and a good discount. It costs me about 20 a month for my prescriptions.”
 David Caruso - “The key to success is having some discipline, ... You don't have to be rocket scientist.”
 David Caruso - “I think beneath all of it there's a tremendous power when two people decide to have a child. And inside that power is a very deep hope, and the power of that hope can hopefully overcome the circumstances that could rob them of this world.”
 Rep. Caruso - “There's no vacation for ethics. We've got to introduce ... legislation we tried in the past that didn't get raised for debate. We have to be vigilant.”
 David Caruso - “If you're in over your head, go out tomorrow and see a consumer credit counseling service, ... Talk to someone if you can't do the things on your list, or go find a financial planner to get some help.”
 Michael Caruso - “There is simply no evidence to suggest that Jose Padilla has ever engaged in any violent actions toward any one in this country or any other country.”
 Guy Caruso - “The main factor is increased demand, not only in this country but on a global basis.”
 Guy Caruso - “Reserves appear to be there, the political will, the Saudi officials that have been talking have been saying that they can get to 15 and keep it there and that would be consistent with our outlook. We think it's plausible.”

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