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 Giacomo Casanova - “Thence, I suppose, my natural disposition to make fresh acquaintances, and to break with them so readily, although always for a good reason, and never through mere fickleness.”
 Giacomo Casanova - “My errors will point to thinking men the various roads, and will teach them the great art of treading on the brink of the precipice without falling into it.”
 Giacomo Casanova - “I know that I have lived because I have felt, and, feeling giving me the knowledge of my existence, I know likewise that I shall exist no more when I shall have ceased to feel.”
 Giacomo Casanova - “I have met with some of them - very honest fellows, who, with all their stupidity, had a kind of intelligence and an upright good sense, which cannot be the characteristics of fools.”
 Giacomo Casanova - “I have had friends who have acted kindly towards me, and it has been my good fortune to have it in my power to give them substantial proofs of my gratitude.”
 Giacomo Casanova - “God, great principle of all minor principles, God, who is Himself without a principle, could not conceive Himself, if, in order to do it, He required to know His own principle.”
 Giacomo Casanova - “God ceases to be God only for those who can admit the possibility of His non-existence, and that conception is in itself the most severe punishment they can suffer.”
 Giacomo Casanova - “Hatred, in the course of time, kills the unhappy wretch who delights in nursing it in his bosom.”
 Giacomo Casanova - “By recollecting the pleasures I have had formerly, I renew them, I enjoy them a second time, while I laugh at the remembrance of troubles now past, and which I no longer feel.”
 Giacomo Casanova - “I not only believe in one God, but my faith as a Christian is also grafted upon that tree of philosophy which has never spoiled anything.”
 Giacomo Casanova - “I have always loved truth so passionately that I have often resorted to lying as a way of introducing it into the minds which were ignorant of its charms”
 Adrian Casanova - “He would do whatever the coaches asked. That's what the good ones do, understand their role and accomplish it. The more you pitch in different situations, the better you become.”
 Giacomo Casanova - “We avenge intellect when we dupe a fool, and it is a victory not to be despised for a fool is covered with steel and it is often very hard to find his vulnerable part.”
 Giacomo Casanova - “The reader of these Memoirs will discover that I never had any fixed aim before my eyes, and that my system, if it can be called a system, has been to glide away unconcernedly on the stream of life, trusting to the wind wherever it led.”
 Giacomo Casanova - “As to the deceit perpetrated upon women, let it pass, for, when love is in the way, men and women as a general rule dupe each other.”
 Giacomo Casanova - “Worthy or not, my life is my subject, and my subject is my life.”
 Giacomo Casanova - “In fact, to gull a fool seems to me an exploit worthy of a witty man.”
 Giacomo Casanova - “They are the follies inherent to youth I make sport of them, and, if you are kind, you will not yourself refuse them a good-natured smile.”
 Giacomo Casanova - “My success and my misfortunes, the bright and the dark days I have gone through, everything has proved to me that in this world, either physical or moral, good comes out of evil just as well as evil comes out of good.”
 Giacomo Casanova - “I have often met with happiness after some imprudent step which ought to have brought ruin upon me, and although passing a vote of censure upon myself I would thank God for his mercy.”
 Giacomo Casanova - “The mind of a human being is formed only of comparisons made in order to examine analogies, and therefore cannot precede the existence of memory.”
 Giacomo Casanova - “Marriage is the tomb of love.”
 Giacomo Casanova - “Marriage is the tomb of love”
 Giacomo Casanova - “Real love is the love that sometimes arises after sensual pleasure if it does, it is immortal the other kind inevitably goes stale, for it lies in mere fantasy.”
 Adrian Casanova - “There's no better feeling in the planet than to come back home and hit a home run in front of your family.”

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