My Favorite Quotes
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 Johnny Cash - “Take one fresh and tender kiss Add one stolen night of bliss One girl, one boy, some grief, some joy Memories are made of this.”
 David Cash - “He's low on the velocity side. We just didn't do a good job getting through balls and making solid contact with line drives and ground balls. Guys like that who throw slow ... your swing gets long and you get under it.”
 Sid Cash - “It just hurt the momentum for us. I think if we're up 3-2, we'd have the lead and then see how they'd respond. It has an affect on everything.”
 Pat Cash - “I had always dreamed of winning Wimbledon and when it happened it was very stressful. It was more of a relief”
 Pat Cash - “Women's tennis is two sets of rubbish that lasts only half an hour.”
 Pat Cash - “It'll certainly give the pigeons something to do.”
 Rosanne Cash - “When my dad died a lot of songs came, and they're still coming.”
 Rosanne Cash - “Once your kids get older and get out of the house, it's not like it stops. They're on the phone with me every day I'm intimately involved in their problems.”
 Rosanne Cash - “It's a little dangerous for me to get outside myself and think about how I want people to see me.”
 Rosanne Cash - “It is the people who scream the loudest about America and Freedom who see to be the most intolerant for a differing point of view.”
 Rosanne Cash - “If a relationship is founded on love it doesn't end.”
 Rosanne Cash - “I was down with Lucinda Williams and Mary Chapin-Carpenter. We did an acoustic tour, just the three of us, three chicks and three guitars.”
 Rosanne Cash - “I needed to carve out my own place and find out what I was going to do.”
 Rosanne Cash - “I love mixing up my genres.”
 Rosanne Cash - “I found it was really impossible for me to write songs when I couldn't sing.”
 Rosanne Cash - “I choose not to give energy to the emotions of revenge, hatred or the desire to subjugate.”
 Rosanne Cash - “I am so sick of reading about another car bomb, another suicide bomber, another 10, 20, 30, 70, 100 people dead in a day, both Americans and Iraqis.”
 Rosanne Cash - “Because I was starting out in my 20's. I wanted to do it on my own. I didn't want to use my dad or have people say I was using him.”
 Rosanne Cash - “And I don't think that success is going to destroy me at this point in my life, like I used to think.”
 June Carter Cash - “We wanted to slow down. But one would let us.”
 June Carter Cash - “We always had Packards, until the war, when they stopped making them then we had a Cadillac.”
 June Carter Cash - “It depends on how Johnny's feeling... If we go back on the road, we will go together. I'll go where he goes, and he'll go where I go.”
 June Carter Cash - “I stayed in submission to my husband, and he allowed me to do anything I wanted to. I felt like I was lucky to have that kind of romance.”
 June Carter Cash - “I chose to be Mrs. Johnny Cash in my life. I decided I'd allow him to be Moses and I'd be Moses' brother Aaron, picking his arms up and padding along behind him.”
 June Carter Cash - “For the last 20 months, I've just been going from one hospital to another.”

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