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 Brian Cashman - “I am not worried about my future.”
 Brian Cashman - “We didn't hit with runners in scoring position. That's going to happen. If we did, we obviously think our record would be a little bit better. But again, there's not much to judge in six games. Pitching is the key for us, more so than the offense. That's what makes or breaks teams, especially where we want to get.”
 Brian Cashman - “We didn't hit with runners in scoring position. That's going to happen. If we did, our record obviously would be better. There's not much to judge from six games. We know we've got our work cut out for us.”
 Brian Cashman - “One of the reasons we were attracted to Ron was that he's versatile. He can spot start, he can long relieve or be a situational lefty, all without complaint. That's attractive. We think he's a good fit.”
 Brian Cashman - “Until he's throwing off the mound, I guess it will be a question mark. He's got a full, clean bill of health, but he has to go out there every five days and mow hitters down without complaint.”
 Brian Cashman - “He's been heaven sent.”
 Brian Cashman - “He has a power arm. That's a skill you can't teach. You hope something clicks when somebody new works with him.”
 Brian Cashman - “He's a great player that I hope we get back sooner than later. When he's ready to go, we'll find room for him. It really comes down to how he's feeling. It's a waiting game, and it will take as long as it takes.”
 Brian Cashman - “I think we're a better team. That's the hope, but you have to play it out.”
 Brian Cashman - “They put it in horse terms and said the lead horse is retirement. It makes no sense to speculate on my end. If he changes his mind, he knows our interest level.”
 Brian Cashman - “I don't think any off the field issues held him back. It was all because he was hurt.”
 Brian Cashman - “It's an absolute guessing game trying to figure out who can thrive here and who will fail. It's almost impossible.”
 Brian Cashman - “With the offensive lineup that we have, you can afford that, to squeeze something like that in, ... If you can get a fly-ball catcher to hold the fort and support the pitching staff, you wont be doing yourself an injustice.”
 Brian Cashman - “We will need choices, You always do. It's somewhat of an insurance policy. He's also prepared to go to Triple-A.”
 Brian Cashman - “I don't think it's in my best interest to say I have a No. 1 priority and here it is. We'll get very aggressive when we feel the prices come within something that makes sense.”
 Brian Cashman - “If he has interest in us, we'll discuss it.”
 Dara Cashman - “This was like the granddaddy of bad judgment.”
 Brian Cashman - “We'd like to see what (Phillips) can do, ... That's our initial thought and we think he'd do very well if given the chance. We're not locked into it, but it's a direction we're looking at.”
 Brian Cashman - “We just tried to get the best staff possible. We both thought having people with managerial experience would be great.”
 Brian Cashman - “When I saw that Octavio had surgery I started counting the dates because I knew he was a free agent. I thought there might be something there.”
 Brian Cashman - “There's time pressure. Nov. 15 is the date, ... Let's just get it done. We've had all year to try to get it done. We've waited for the season. Now it's time to try to get it done or not get it done. Nov. 15 is the day.”
 Brian Cashman - “Everybody here knows Kim, and they've known her for quite some time,”
 Brian Cashman - “Early in the year, you wanted to play us. At this time of year, people have to take us seriously again.”
 Brian Cashman - “He's got time to do what's necessary to get us where we need to be.”
 Brian Cashman - “Hopefully, we won't need more than that. When he's ready, we'll take him. If he's ready before 30 days, great. If he takes the whole 30 days, time will tell.”

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