My Favorite Quotes
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 Iker Casillas - “If we lose, it will mean that Barca are practically champions. But if we win it will be a great feat, almost like being champions, and give us a big advantage over all the clubs fighting for second place.”
 Carlos Casillas - “I don't know what good it would do to talk to him (Markowski) about that, but if there's something he can do about that then I hope he will.”
 Carlos Casillas - “Sam is a good kid. ... She got hooked up with this idiot. She never would have done something like this without some influence from him.”
 Iker Casillas - “I thank Manchester for their interest but I want to remain here.”
 Iker Casillas - “We had a bad day and we've still got another game to try and react. I think we can pull off a comeback at our stadium. We're sure to improve because today nothing went right.”
 Iker Casillas - “We need to forget about the Barcelona game as quickly as possible. We can't wait for Lyon to arrive so we can win and give our supporters something to cheer.”
 Iker Casillas - “The atmosphere was amazing. In all my years at Real Madrid I've never experienced anything like it.”
 Carlos Casillas - “It was kind of awkward seeing her and having all those other people there looking on. So we didn't get to talk to her. But I'm sure there's no way she (Samantha) would ever get involved in doing anything like this by herself.”
 Jonathan Casillas - “He's kind of quiet. When you first get to meet him, you've got to approach him, he won't approach you. I'm actually almost the opposite.”
 Jonathan Casillas - “Every night ... we'd watch film together, or we'd come in late from games together, it was just good because he knew exactly what I was going through. We were doing homework together because we knew we had to get the assignment done before we went on the trip. It was great.”
 Jonathan Casillas - “It'll jump-start us into a good spring ball and, hopefully, next year we'll make a lot of noise in the Big Ten. This will be a good jump-start for that.”
 Jonathan Casillas - “I thought if I worked hard enough, I could play special teams. I thought I was athletic enough that I could at least contribute, run down the field and make a couple plays, hit some people. I had no idea that I was going to be able to play.”
 Carlos Casillas - “We got this in the mail today. It's a little late.”
 Iker Casillas - “But no one needs to say anything to us because we are also very upset about it. Our luck will change though, we just had a tremendous amount of bad luck.”
 Iker Casillas - “It was a terrible piece of bad luck for Canizares... and I am certainly not happy because a teammate has been injured,”
 Iker Casillas - “That is just stupid. It's not about advantages, it is about how you perform on the night.”
 Iker Casillas - “We are going to play an important game and the moment of truth has arrived. Everyone knows just what is at stake and nobody should doubt that we are going o give it everything,”
 Iker Casillas - “This is the revenge match for us because that 3-0 defeat hurt us because of the way it damaged our image and our fans.”
 Carlos Casillas - “She hooked up with the wrong guy. He was a smooth talker. You could tell he had a lot of control over her.”