My Favorite Quotes
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 Steve Cassady - “She's a gifted player. She's fast and strong and covers a lot of ground, but she's still rusty.”
 Steve Cassady - “We've gone as far as we can go in practice. We just need some experience and to test this squad against real-time game situations.”
 Steve Cassady - “You take what you can get, but the great unknown coming into a season is how a team will play together. They have found the collective, competitive will to win. And that's impressive.”
 Steve Cassady - “Not many have hit it out there. You need somebody to shock the opposition.”
 Alison Cassady - “Instead of helping parents, these labels are deceiving parents.”
 Alison Cassady - “Even one toy-related death is too many, because these deaths are preventable.”
 Alison Cassady - “A child's hearing is so critical for development. Even partial hearing loss can result in an impaired ability to speak and acquire language.”