My Favorite Quotes
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 Cara Cassella - “Couples must complete the entire process. The cost is approximately 16,500 for a couple and the wait time (for a child) is a year and a half process, from start to finish.”
 Cara Cassella - “You have to assess your readiness on raising a child. China places about 7,000 children a year. They don't like to go higher and don't want to rush the process because it will lead to corruption.”
 Cara Cassella - “It takes between three and four months to catch up (to other children the same age).”
 Cara Cassella - “Historically, (Chinese) families prefer a son. The son is the one who carries the family name, does the physical labor and takes care of the parents. Daughters take care of their in-laws.”
 Cara Cassella - “Babies have been found in marketplaces, bus stops, on busy streets ... where orphans are primarily picked up. Ninety-five percent of the babies are female.”