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 Charley Casserly - “Jay did a nice job for us, ... You can't keep everybody in this system. He got hurt at the end of last year. So we decided to move on, and that's it.”
 Charley Casserly - “He's coming off a knee injury, but the bottom line is he's going to be here and he's going to play, so you've got a player already there that's proven.”
 Charley Casserly - “He's a great athlete who's been very productive. He's a tremendous runner. The thing he's got going is that leadership and competitiveness.”
 Charley Casserly - “We're going to take the best player available. We have enough needs. We did a good job I thought in free agency. But we still have areas where we can use depth. It won't be hard for players that we pick to come in and contribute this year.”
 Charley Casserly - “We're pleased to have acquired him. The reason we targeted him on the first day of free agency was because we thought he was a good young talent.”
 Charley Casserly - “If you thought wholesale changes were on the way for the Texans, you're going to be disappointed. There apparently won't be a single significant change on the coaching staff or in the front office. Don't expect any flashy free-agent signings, either. We're not one player away, ... We have to keep making good, steady progress.”
 Charley Casserly - “There's no gloom and doom here. All of us have been through tough times before.”
 Charley Casserly - “It's just we were never going to tell anybody that. We weren't going to deny it, but nobody asked the question and I understand why they wouldn't ask the question early on.”
 Michael Casserly - “People understand more and more how critical it is to be well educated if you're going to thrive in the emerging economy.”
 Charley Casserly - “It's kind of an auction where you have to see what price you get and do it a little bit on feel whether you think the deal is worth it. Every year is different because of the difference in players and how good they are. I know that a lot of teams go by the value chart. We don't.”
 Michael Casserly - “It's not realistic that any superintendent could turn around some of these systems within two years.”
 Charley Casserly - “We had made progress in each of our first three years, and we had a better team coming back this year. But the injuries to key people have really hurt.”
 Charley Casserly - “The number really doesn't mean anything to us because we go through a process of four or five other ways to evaluate it. The number's insignificant to us in the end. It's the other areas that we put more weight on.”
 Charley Casserly - “We could have 30 days notice at any time, and then he's gone,”
 Michael Casserly - “The news here for us is the progress, the trend line, the strong upward tilt of the numbers.”
 Charley Casserly - “It's not because we haven't called people. Monday morning I called teams behind us and I won't tell you who I called or where I stopped, but you can obviously figure I called teams immediately behind us...and there was no interest.”
 Charley Casserly - “You focus nothing on the media coverage of the ups and downs. You make your own evaluation. It's totally ignored.”
 Charley Casserly - “David's a good player and a class individual. We had a great visit with him. We'd love to have him. We made him an offer, but they declined it.”
 Charley Casserly - “Davis, through hard work, has improved his play from the first day he arrived with the Texans, and we feel confident he will continue to flourish in the years to come.”
 Charley Casserly - “We spent a couple of hours with him, and you get a little more read on his personality, more than a 15-minute interview in Indianapolis. I think he's a class individual, well-spoken, genuine.”
 Charley Casserly - “I think if people had just listened to what we had said, they would have seen that we were serious about Mario Williams. Once we brought him in here our statements never changed that we were seriously considering him for the first pick in the draft and I understand that people didn't believe it, but we always said it and we believed it.”
 Charley Casserly - “You've got to pick a No. 1 pick which certainly is important, but you've got a whole other draft to run and we've got to get players out of those other positions in the draft.”
 Charley Casserly - “I have him rated higher than Peppers. If Reggie Bush wasn't in this draft, Mario Williams would be head and shoulders the first pick.”
 Charley Casserly - “We need a lot of things. I think we've got a nucleus. I don't think we're as bad as our record, but we're not a playoff team. We can make a jump here if things are hit right between free agency and the draft.”
 Charley Casserly - “I hope this young man realizes before the draft that he needs to run. Or I hope he's made a deal with a team that's going to take him in the first round.”

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