My Favorite Quotes
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 Gennaro Castaldo - “The Arctic Monkeys have connected with the mainstream in one leap. This is an outstanding figure as January is a quiet time of the year for sales.”
 Gennaro Castaldo - “America is like an ocean liner that takes a little bit longer to turn around.”
 Gennaro Castaldo - “His challenge now is to show he's more than a one-trick novelty act.”
 Gennaro Castaldo - “I'm sure we'll see a massive increase, maybe a doubling, over the next couple of weeks. The award is seen as not having sold out, being based on critical merit and not only on sales, so people will take a look at the winner.”
 Dominick Castaldo - “If we make the tournament, it's because we earned it. We want to play the best teams.”
 Dominick Castaldo - “It's still fun dealing with the kids. I have depth between the varsity and JV. I'm pleased with their skill level. If we make the tournament, we're going to be dangerous.”
 Gennaro Castaldo - “It may not be enough to get it to number one, but there's clearly enough interest from Radio 4 fans for it to make the top 20 chart and perhaps even push it into the top 10.”
 Gennaro Castaldo - “We always see a very strong increase in sales, not only the winners but people who perform at the show. Every year it tends to get bigger.”
 Gennaro Castaldo - “Our challenge now is to evolve our business and respond to all the different changes in the marketplace to ensure that we remain relevant.”
 Gennaro Castaldo - “They came to the attention of the public via the Internet, and you had chat rooms, everyone talking about them.”