My Favorite Quotes
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 Carter Casteel - “I have run a number of campaigns and enjoyed them all until this one. I never dreamed that one person would spend close to one million dollars to purposely misrepresent and lie about my record. I hope those who seek public office now and in the future will honor the ninth commandment. I believe that people of faith owe that much to their constituents.”
 Carter Casteel - “I also believe the Republican Party needs to learn to govern and develop positive public policy, rather than trying to destroy others.”
 Carter Casteel - “We'll make that decision in the morning. I told my followers tonight just what I told my husband Tom this morning. We win either way. I win because I get to go back to Austin and get to work on solutions, or I win because I get my family back. I got to spend a lot of today with my grandson, who is 16 months old, and I had forgotten how wonderful that is.”
 John L. Casteel - “The genius of the Methodist movement, which enabled it to conquer the raw lives of workingmen in industrial England, and the raw lives of men and women on the American frontier, was the 'class meeting' ten members and their leader, meeting regularly for mutual encouragement, rebuke, nurture, and prayer.”