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 Bob Castellini - “I'm pleased with the outcome on all of the changes we've made. Most of the changes that will be made from now on in the future will be made by the man on my left and the man on my right.”
 Robert Castellini - “We didn't get involved with the Reds to wallow in mediocrity. If that's all we have to offer, we shouldn't be hanging around. We're going to give it 110 percent to put a contender on the field.”
 Bob Castellini - “We're going to give you a winning team.”
 Phil Castellini - “It's the kind of thing we hope takes off and continues to be a positive and uplifting thing. I think it's a fun, healthy, energetic addition to an already fun venue.”
 Bob Castellini - “I have a lot of memories, and they've all been great. I'm so excited about today, I can't even think of anything. Every Opening Day is a special day. Win or lose, it's a special day.”
 Bob Castellini - “We've got a lot of really great people interested in tackling this job. We're just into (the interview process) one day and I've heard so much about our tradition and how much it's meant to people and why people want to head up the Reds.”
 Bob Castellini - “We certainly want to approach the state legislature about a new facility. We understand that the people in the state of Florida are favorably inclined.”
 Richard Castellini - “We're using the Super Bowl experience to broaden brand experience and to further drive traffic to our online activities. The Super Bowl is like the cherry on top of our online (activities). It's an expensive cherry. Don't get me wrong.”
 Bob Castellini - “We spent a lot more money on scouting in the last two or three years and a lot more on minor league development, but the results are not showing yet. And I understand that it's supposed to take longer than that, but I'm impatient.”
 Robert Castellini - “We'd sure like to have either a closer or top-notch starting pitcher for our rotation. We're out there looking every day. Most of these people are not available anymore. We'd have to do it through trades. Most of the teams want our good young position players. It's going to be difficult, but it's not for lack of trying.”
 Richard Castellini - “The experience of people online is that you can convey the information more quickly, easily and deeply than you can in other mediums. Not to say the 30-second spot is going to go away in its entirety it's just going to be augmented by other forms of marketing.”
 Bob Castellini - “It all comes down to the organization we build and the people that we surround ourselves with.”
 Bob Castellini - “As we build our organization, we'll likely do some other things differently once we get our sleeves rolled up. I intend to work out of the Reds ' offices on a daily basis until I have an insider's understanding of how we work.”
 Bob Castellini - “As we build our organization, we'll likely do some other things differently once we get our sleeves rolled up. I intend to work out of the Reds' offices on a daily basis until I have an insider's understanding of how we work.”
 Robert Castellini - “If the occasion calls for it. If we're into the middle of July and we're a contender, we're going to have to go with it and bite the bullet. That would be an example. Are we going to try and do that early on No. We're going to stick to our budget.”
 Bob Castellini - “It's important we can convey our message through the media and to the fans. I think for a long time, the fans and the media perhaps felt that hasn't always been the case.”
 Richard Castellini - “Certainly, when you're dropping in excess of two million for a commercial you've got to pinch yourself to make sure it's the right thing to do.”
 Richard Castellini - “Anything that gets people thinking about their next career move is a positive for us. Visitors might first come to 'monkey around' with Monk-e-mail, but then end up spending time on our site searching for a better job.”
 Phil Castellini - “We're clearly after things that are going to significantly add to the top line. The magic question is, what do you do with it”
 Bob Castellini - “He blew us away. He had a great game plan. He was totally prepared.”
 Bob Castellini - “What I want him to focus on while he's here is to take a look at our entire pitching program, from soup to nuts, and see what our plan is and let me know. Because I haven't been able to fully understand what our plan is.”
 Phil Castellini - “All will depend on results on the field. For us, the honeymoon has been great, but it all depends on how the team does.”
 Bob Castellini - “We didn't want to complicate Friday with this announcement. This was a very difficult decision. It was very difficult on Dan, who gave of himself totally here. He tried very, very hard. The results haven't materialized yet and I just wanted my own person.”
 Phil Castellini - “We've got some guys coming down to spring training --(Mario) Soto, (Tom) Browning and George Foster. We're trying to get a hold of Barry now. I think that's what we're trying to do, is get some of this tradition back, this winning culture that has been so long known with the Reds.”
 Bob Castellini - “There is no criticism of Dan. I just needed my own person.”

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