My Favorite Quotes
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 David Castelveter - “(Carriers) cannot raise fares to accommodate the growth in fuel prices for the sheer fact that there are limitations to what a customer will pay for travel.”
 David Castelveter - “We're delighted that Charlotte was able to maintain a normal operation. That helped maintain the integrity of much of the rest of our system.”
 David Castelveter - “They're trying their best. They're taking advantage of technology to make the airport experience more pleasant.”
 David Castelveter - “They're dealing with weather delays, air traffic control delays and new security measures.”
 David Castelveter - “All managers carry a crisis binder, a checklist of what you need to do. The very first thing the company does is account for their customers and employees. Once that process was done, what we want you to know are the facts. We never speculate.”
 David Castelveter - “We supported the TSA initiative and still do. We certainly respect the flight attendants' perspective on cabin safety, but it's not scissors that are bringing down airplanes today.”