My Favorite Quotes
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 Vinny Castilla - “I had a great first half. And the second half, with my knee, I couldn't use my left leg. I couldn't drive the ball. But I think if I'm healthy, I can have another good year.”
 Vinny Castilla - “This was the first time we put the team together. There was a lot of adrenaline flowing. It wasn't like any Spring Training game. This was different. This was the first game as a team, and we were very excited.”
 Vinny Castilla - “To play defense behind him is great, because he's always throwing strikes, and he keeps you in the game. He doesn't throw 94-95 (mph), but his fastball's good enough, and he puts it in the right time and the right place. That's what winning pitchers do.”
 Vinny Castilla - “From now on, 'trying hard' isn't enough. Anybody can try. My mama can try. This time of year, you gotta win.”
 Vinny Castilla - “He (Marquis) pitched great. Sometimes you have to tip your hat to a performance like that by Marquis today.”
 Vinny Castilla - “I didn't like school a whole lot because I would rather be outside playing than inside studying, ... I played with my friends and my family, and we always played sports. That's how it was back then and I'm still playing today.”
 Vinny Castilla - “We're still alive. We showed today that we still believe.”
 Vinny Castilla - “He's carrying that team by himself. You always knew he has great talent. He has all the tools to become MVP.”
 Vinny Castilla - “It's a beautiful place, with great weather. The heat and humidity in the East can wear you out.”
 Vinny Castilla - “It was nice to see my kids and play with them. This is a beautiful city and I love the people here. My wife is from here. My in-laws are here, so it's nice to have family around. I love this city too much (to move).”
 Vinny Castilla - “They wanted to open up room for Ryan, and that's good -- Ryan Zimmerman is a great player and great prospect, ... The trade will work out for me, too. I'll be in San Diego with a team that made the playoffs this year.”
 Vinny Castilla - “Obviously you worry, but it's still early. We know we can do it. But we've got to start playing better and get some wins.”
 Vinny Castilla - “I signed for two years,”
 Vinny Castilla - “If I feel good and play good, I'll play another year. I love this game. It's my passion. I love this game too much and I'm going to be the first one to know if I can still perform at this level or not.”
 Vinny Castilla - “We're playing with a lot of enthusiasm. We've got some confidence back.”
 Vinny Castilla - “To know the whole country's watching you, it's going to be a great experience. Baseball in Mexico is not as big as soccer, but people love it, especially in the northern part of (the country).”
 Vinny Castilla - “I don't want to break the bank, just a little raise for my season. I am still hoping that we can work something out.”
 Vinny Castilla - “We don't get much attention. But that's all right we know who we are and what we can do.”