My Favorite Quotes
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 Nelson Castleberry - “I thought we got to them after they had to go to their bullpen. I thought it was a case of us getting some timely hitting.”
 Craig Castleberry - “I would say that we're still contemporary but we use elements of blended, which has some elements of traditional music.”
 Nelson Castleberry - “The middle part of our line-up did a good job for us, but we still needed to come up with more clutch hits. We left some runners on.”
 Nelson Castleberry - “He kind of struggled with his control last week in St. George. But he really seemed to have it down today and he threw a great game. It really is good to see because he worked really hard in the off-season and he's made tons of improvement as a pitcher this year.”
 Craig Castleberry - “She's very talented and she's very committed and she really has a passion for the Lord. For her, it's much more than just the music. It's her commitment to the Lord that is extremely evident.”
 Craig Castleberry - “I feel our church family has been open and willing to change because they feel worship is more than about opinion. It's about the heart. It can be an emotional thing, but we want to go beyond the emotions to a spiritual experience that draws you closer to God.”
 Craig Castleberry - “I think it's just a vision for our church and wanting to reach a broader range of people. We're just wanting to reach all ages and contemporary worship can do that, if it's done right. People like it.”
 Nelson Castleberry - “I am not sure that the rankings mean all that much right now other than people respect our program and that's a compliment. I don't really care about it. All I want is for our team to go out and play good solid baseball and that we try to get better everyday.”