My Favorite Quotes
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 Debbie Casto - “They have guards that can score. And to guard the big girl inside Adams is a chore to do.”
 Debbie Casto - “Defensively I thought we did a great job the whole game.”
 John Casto - “I believe that everybody was stunned. Just a few minutes before they were praising God and then they was cursing because they thought they lost a loved one.”
 Debbie Casto - “She was dominating. They had man coverage on her the whole time. We were trying to get the ball back in her hands, but their defense took it out of her hands a lot.”
 Robert Casto - “For the first time out of the gate, I'm pleased with that performance. It's just one game and we've still got a long way to go, but that was an efficient effort. Our backs ran hard, and when you move the ball like we did, you know the offensive line is doing its job. On the other side of the ball, when you get a shutout, you've done a pretty good job there.”
 Debbie Casto - “We just had too many turnovers and Alma had too many offensive boards. I don't think it was Alma's pressure that bothered us because we've faced a 1-3-1 zone before. We get a run in the second half and then turn it over four straight times. But we played hard and I was proud of their effort.”
 John Casto - “There was silence. People didn't understand what he was saying.”
 Robert Casto - “We got off to good start with the big plays early, and then we just kind of persevered the rest of the way, ... Bath played well, and their kids played hard. They always play hard. We've had some great games against Bath over the years, and tonight, we're happy to leave the field with a 'W.'”
 Robert Casto - “We had some sophomores on the field a couple years ago when Bath hung 50 on us. Those kids are seniors now and they remembered that, and I think that served as motivation. No way did they want Bath scoring 50 again on this field.”
 John Casto - “This doesn't make things better. But it shows that they have heart.”
 John Casto - “We was looking for them to come through that door, man. And it didn't happen that way.”
 Debbie Casto - “I thought that changed the entire momentum of the game. It caused turnovers and we scored off transition. It put us in a comfort zone that I felt much better about.”
 Debbie Casto - “This group of girls was a joy to coach and I'm sorry the season's over. They had a great attitude. Running isn't always a junior high kid's favorite thing to do but they worked hard and didn't complain.”
 Debbie Casto - “The group has worked extremely hard. To only take 11 girls and finish third was a pretty big achievement for us. That says a lot about their work ethic. They worked well and pulled together as a team.”