My Favorite Quotes
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 Ralph Catalano - “These findings demonstrate yet again that we need not go to museums of natural history to find evidence of natural selection.”
 Linda Catalano - “It is heartbreaking to hear your animal like that. Normally, the cat will come down on his own if you leave tuna or a can of food at the base of the tree.”
 Ralph Catalano - “The culled-cohort theory is based on the assumption that it is not in the mother's interest to have small or weak male offspring during times of stress. Weak males are less likely to survive to age of reproduction. Even if they do survive, they must then compete with strong males for females.”
 Ralph Catalano - “It's not in her evolutionary interest to have a weak son in times of stress. He may not survive or may not be competitive for females.”
 Ralph Catalano - “Statistically, it is clearly true compared to men, (women) are biological fortresses.”
 Linda Catalano - “If it were me, I would go to some homes in the area of the accident and try to find the owners -- if it was not late at night, and if it was safe to walk around.”
 Rich Catalano - “Chris is ranked No. 1 in the WPIAL and the PIAA, so I'm expecting him to make it to Hershey. It will be a little tougher for Rick to make it to states.”
 Ralph Catalano - “We can never use humans to directly test out the theories. We can only make inferences based on natural observation.”
 Rich Catalano - “It's not easy to come back in the consolation bracket after a narrow loss in the semifinals. That's one reason why Chris has been so successful. He never quits.”
 Ralph Catalano - “During the Kobe earthquake in Japan, sex ratio drops. The collapse of the east German economy, sex ratio drops. The major smog in London in 1952, sex ratio dropped. Variation in the economy such that you get very bad economic times in Sweden over a century and a half, sex ratio drops.”
 Ralph Catalano - “It's better to have a female than a male in stressful times. If you have a daughter, her reproductive success is not contingent on robustness because males are not as picky.”
 Rich Catalano - “I feel Chris could be a successful Division I wrestler. I'm hoping college coaches will see what he did at Hershey and give him a chance. They can't go wrong with a good kid like Chris.”
 Linda Catalano - “After seven days, if the animal is OK, we put it up for adoption. It can stay as long as it is healthy and we have room. If the animal is killed, we may have to pick up the body and hold it in our freezer for a while in case the owner calls here looking for it.”
 Ralph Catalano - “The weak boys got culled out and those boys that survived are hardier on average. They live longer.”
 Ralph Catalano - “You get rid of the weak, and on average the cohort lives longer.”
 Ralph Catalano - “The argument is that in most species, males will compete with each other for females, and females prefer robust males.”
 Ralph Catalano - “One argument is that it was conserved to help us lift buses off of pedestrians who just got hit. My belief is that nature conserved the stress mechanism because of its effect on gestation. Natural selection doesn't care about individuals, it just wants poundage and conservation of genes. It found a way to maximize the pounds and the genes.”