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 Louis Cataldie - “My heart goes out to the folks here locally,”
 Louis Cataldie - “I don't think it's any reflection on that hospital. They did all the right things. They ultimately got their own helicopters to come in.”
 Louis Cataldie - “I won't see light at the end of the tunnel until I see the families for these people found, ... And we're not even close to seeing that.”
 Louis Cataldie - “We swept both buildings several times, because we kept getting reports of more bodies there, ... But it just wasn't the case.”
 Louis Cataldie - “These are horrible times,”
 Louis Cataldie - “These are horrible times, and it's extremely frustrating. I wish I could speed up the process, but speeding up the process could contaminate the process. I'm sorry about that.”
 Louis Cataldie - “I think it's important for everybody to understand that it's about the individual, ... It's about the little lady with the big brown eyes who is in the Superdome in all that filth who looks at you and you can't do anything for. And somebody hands you a limp kid. And when you come back to her, she's dead.”
 Louis Cataldie - “Being in the water that long makes visual identification essentially an impossibility,”
 Louis Cataldie - “Each person is a worst-case scenario, ... There is nothing worse than somebody dying like this.”
 Louis Cataldie - “A lot of these folks have been casketed for a long time, so we've only got bones to deal with, ... Evidently, it's not mandatory to place identification inside the casket, which was news to me. That's not helping.”
 Louis Cataldie - “I wish I could speed up the process, ... But speeding up the process could contaminate the process, and I just can't do that. And I'm sorry we have to do that in some situations to make sure the entire process is as pure as it can be. I have to be able to stand up before somebody and say I am absolutely sure.”
 Louis Cataldie - “We discourage family members from coming here, ... They will not be allowed on the premises. This is not the place to come.”
 Louis Cataldie - “It's about the individual. It's about the one. And I don't want people to lose track of that. We handle every person as the individual and with the dignity they deserve.”
 Louis Cataldie - “By the time we got these folks, the condition in which they were in made initial determination very difficult. I can just tell you there is no way to shorten the process.”
 Louis Cataldie - “If you were ill before the storm and you were on a respirator and the power was knocked out then I count that as a storm-related death,”
 Louis Cataldie - “Each death is enough. It is horrible,”
 Louis Cataldie - “It's not about numbers. I don't know how high that's going to go, ... Each death is enough. This is horrific.”
 Louis Cataldie - “A hurricane death is a death that would not have occurred had there not been a hurricane,”
 Louis Cataldie - “The collection (of bodies) has been slow because the whole focus has been on saving the living, ... I'm sorry that families have had their loved ones out there. But if there is a choice between searching for a dead body and a 6-year-old child with hypothermia, there is no choice.”
 Louis Cataldie - “I don't think a visual identification will be possible. It's not about the numbers. It's about the body.”