My Favorite Quotes
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 David Catalfamo - “Taping anyone's private conversations without proper consent is illegal. Printing those conversations -- when they serve no public interest -- is unethical and potentially illegal.”
 David Catalfamo - “I would acknowledge it's difficult not having him here in Albany. Clearly in a perfect world he'd be here using the bully pulpit.”
 David Catalfamo - “The governor is committed to more jobs and more opportunity for New Yorkers. That was the purpose of the trade mission when we announced it nine months ago. It's the purpose today.”
 David Catalfamo - “The governor and mayor discussed a number of key state-city issues, such as lower Manhattan development, port security, school funding and the MTA.”
 David Catalfamo - “The governor's doctors have indicated that there has been a slow return of normal digestive function because of the ruptured appendix. A date has not been set for the governor to be discharged, and doctors will continue to evaluate the governor on a daily basis.”
 David Catalfamo - “At 545 in the morning, most of us are asleep anyway, so there really wasn't a whole lot to do and there wasn't anything that was required.”
 David Catalfamo - “There's been no real progress this week. But meetings continue and we hope to continue them through the weekend.”
 Dave Catalfamo - “He's ready to go, but he's wants to make sure he doesn't have to come back. This is the kind of thing you do right and you do it once.”
 Dave Catalfamo - “The governor continues to make steady progress in his recovery, and today doctors have begun the process of reestablishing a normal diet.”
 Dave Catalfamo - “At the end of the day, he's going to go when the doctor says he's ready to go.”
 David Catalfamo - “It was a medical decision by those two.”
 David Catalfamo - “The governor continues to be in good spirits, and he is awake, reading, walking around and conducting state business.”
 David Catalfamo - “They bought into a hot market. That was obviously the biggest income driver.”
 David Catalfamo - “They got lucky. They bought into a hot market.”