My Favorite Quotes
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 Tom Catanzarite - “I thought we did pretty well after not playing for two weeks. It's always tough coming back after a long break like this.”
 Tom Catanzarite - “We'd get behind, then close the gap, then they'd hit a couple of threes. We doubled Rodriguez a couple of times and left Noriega open.”
 Tom Catanzarite - “We won our first district title back in 1993 on a half-court shot, and I thought it was going to happen again.”
 Tom Catanzarite - “We were playing well, but right now are pretty disjointed. During the Christmas break, we only had three kids who were at all the practices. Others missed for a whole bunch of reasons, so it's no wonder things were disjointed.”
 Tom Catanzarite - “There's always so much more room for improvement in my brain.”
 Tom Catanzarite - “We'll be able to use the present baseball field as a practice field for awhile. As of right now, we don't have a practice baseball field with lights.”