My Favorite Quotes
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 Tony Catanzaro - “He's just a tremendous player and is such a naturally gifted athlete.”
 Vince Catanzaro - “Last year, we had some grief going in. This year, we are going in having fun and ready to go far.”
 Tony Catanzaro - “He's very quick and a real student of the game. He has a great variety of shots and matches up well against a lot of different styles.”
 Vince Catanzaro - “Everybody on the team was involved last year. There are a lot of people who are still very hungry on this team.”
 Tony Catanzaro - “These guys are playing with no heart and no real intensity. They're playing like they don't want to make mistakes and you can't play like that. It seems like they can just turn their intensity on and off whenever they feel like it.”
 Tony Catanzaro - “He wasn't pleased, but it was something we had to do, and I think we continued to play hard without him in there. He's got a fire deep inside, and I knew he would respond.”
 Tony Catanzaro - “We sent our two-guard deep and got some easy baskets. Our man-to-man press killed them early and we were able to get a quick lead.”
 Tony Catanzaro - “Zach is a smart player that really has improved his game over the past year. He's fast and uses the court well.”
 Tony Catanzaro - “We turned the ball over and we started shooting 3-pointers. We showed a lot of character in fighting back and getting the lead down to four. Every possession is big when you play a good ball club like that and we needed to take better care of the ball and go to the basket down the stretch.”
 Vince Catanzaro - “That's where I had to come in and calm them down. We had a whole other quarter to play.”
 Vince Catanzaro - “It's never happened at Upper Dublin. First time. It's a major accomplishment, but I don't want to stop now.”