My Favorite Quotes
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 Tamika Catchings - “The Liberty have more size, with Baranova, Wauters and Christon. Between those three, they can pretty much switch everything because they all play the 3, 4, and 5.”
 Tamika Catchings - “We came in really composed. Last time we came in here, they blew us out.”
 Tamika Catchings - “I think it's motivation that we made it this far. Everybody always doubted us. We've never gotten the respect the Indiana Fever deserve for all the hard work we've put into it.”
 Tamika Catchings - “When they beat us in New York, they were so physical. We were just getting beat up. We knew they were going to beat us up again tonight. We just had to keep attacking, and make them do something different.”
 Tamika Catchings - “We played really well defensively. We had those early steals that led us into our offense. We want to make it to the playoffs. Once we make it we'll have a good opportunity.”
 Tamika Catchings - “And it's like, 'That's what I'm doing now. The things he talks about, that's what we're doing.' Instead of getting frustrated, that's the way we have to think about it -- that we're the ones who are helping to build this league. Hopefully, the league will be around for lots of years, and someday, when I'm old, I can come back here with my own daughter -- I hope -- and tell her, 'Yeah, back when I played, we only made this amount of money.'”
 Tamika Catchings - “But, hey, we love our fans just as much, ... It doesn't matter if we have a big crowd, a small crowd. Tonight it felt like a big crowd.”
 Tamika Catchings - “We can be happy tonight, but tomorrow we have to come back and get back to business. Everyone has to stay mentally focused.”
 Tamika Catchings - “We can be happy tonight, but tomorrow we have to come back and get back to business.”
 Tamika Catchings - “Coming of losses to good teams - Connecticut and Washington -- we knew we needed this one. We want homecourt for the playoffs and that means we have got to take care of business at home or on the road.”