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 Kevin Cato - “You go through it all and the two conference championship games are being repeated. You come up here and you like to see new teams and you sure hate to see those same faces that see you over and over and know what you do. It's going to be another knock-down, drag-out.”
 Kevin Cato - “I think we came out of halftime a little flat. They came out and attacked us. We missed a couple key shots that I thought we should have made and we didn't react well to that.”
 Kelvin Cato - “Hope he don't feel like shooting the ball every time he touches it.”
 Kevin Cato - “I thought the kids played pretty well. It was a good team we played today. The kids should have their heads up.”
 Joe Muscato - “We'd really like to have it up and running by mid summer, but with a project like this it's very hard to say. Not only do we have to reconstruct this ride of old times but we have to have it up to par as far as modern safety standards go.”
 Marcus Cato - “It is a hard matter, my fellow citizens, to argue with the belly, since it has no ears.”
 Kevin Cato - “It was a battle. You knew it was going to be a good game. They're an athletic, physical team and they make you earn every point. Michael Billiard stepped up and hit a bunch of big shots for us.”
 Kevin Cato - “We had players really step up and make shots tonight.”
 Kelvin Cato - “It was just making sure I knew the plays and defensive schemes and things like that. I've never had to do that, but they have 50 plays, and all of them have a twist or turn to them, so they're just trying to make sure I knew the basics of everything.”
 Kevin Cato - “I told the kids they were capable of making a run. We just had to match it with a run of our own, and their run was a pretty big run and by the time we started matching it, we were down 15 or 16.”
 Joe Brancato - “The upper part of the Clarion River was pretty polluted about 15 years ago. It has since been cleaned up and now there's a black fly problem.”
 Joe Brancato - “When I was a kid, it (black fly population) was so bad you couldn't go out of your house. They (black flies) were all over you. Playing ball was terrible they would be up your nose, in your ears, around your eyes, you would swallow them.”
 Joe Brancato - “If there is a good amount of rain that raises the water level, we have to wait for the water to come down so treating is delayed. During that period, we may miss a batch that hatches, which results in us receiving complaints (about black flies).”
 Joe Brancato - “About 99 percent of the black flies that fly around your face are females. They act like the mosquito in that they require a blood meal.”
 Kelvin Cato - “That's basketball. It's a business. I'll miss Steve Francis, but that's about it. I'm cool like Kool-Aid.”
 Kelvin Cato - “It's all part of the game. I've been in this league nine years, and that's the way basketball goes sometimes.”
 Kevin Cato - “I think that we let the pressure get to us and we started worrying about other things instead of playing basketball. When the tournament was over, the kids were able to relax and get back to the things that helped us get to where we were at, which were shoot well and playing aggressively.”
 Joe Muscato - “There was no real decline in popularity for the Flying Turns. In fact, they were some of the most popular rides at any amusement park. Unfortunately, most of the places that had them are now closed or had them taken out.”
 Kevin Cato - “We've always felt like our defense was one of the stronger points of our game. Our goal was to have a hand in their face for the full 94 feet of the floor and that would hopefully take away some of their shooting ability.”
 Marcus Cato - “I can pardon everyone's mistakes but my own.”
 Marcus Cato - “I prefer to do right and get no thanks than to do wrong and receive no punishment.”
 Marcus Cato - “Wise men learn more from fools than fools from wise men.”
 Marcus Cato - “He approaches closer to the gods who knows how to be silent, even though he is in the right.”
 Marcus Cato - “Speech is the gift of all, but thought of few.”
 Marcus Porcius Cato - “I think the first virtue is to restrain the tongue he approaches nearest to gods who knows how to be silent, even though he is in the right.”

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