My Favorite Quotes
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 Dick Catri - “We had to change. Times were changing.”
 Dick Catri - “We may not be able to get much bigger (waves) than we are today. But every year we are able to bring better quality surfers to the event. Better surfers, better vendors who are more civic-minded and less commercial, that is what we try to do every year to improve the family friendly environment.”
 Dick Catri - “She was a damn good surfer, really better than a lot of the guys. There were a handful of decent girl surfers up and down the whole coast, but guys weren't very good about giving up waves to women. It just wasn't accepted. A lot of kids today had no idea women surfers existed back then.”
 Dick Catri - “Some people think we just show up on the beach and that's it. But it's trade shows, city commission meetings, planning boards. Everything to make it better. Just the pleasure of seeing it all come together makes it rewarding and worthwhile.”
 Dick Catri - “Somehow, when she was 13, I convinced her parents to let us take her on the road trips. All the rest of them were guys, but she was treated like she had five or six older brothers. She was very good.”
 Dick Catri - “Ron Jon stepped up to the plate this year. They did it to get those surfers from California and Hawaii and Puerto Rico. We do have some outstanding surfers coming.”