My Favorite Quotes
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 Brad Cattermole - “She Draper is just mentally tough, she likes to compete. We were trying to decide if she could compete or not and ultimately it was up to her, what she thought she could do.”
 Brad Cattermole - “We did a good job tonight. We were a little shaky at times, but overall we did well. We're starting to move in the right direction. The girls are staying positive and working very hard.”
 Brad Cattermole - “When Aimee Walker-Pond got hurt it was like you're it. We tell them all at the beginning of the year that there turn will come, to be ready when it comes. She waited for three years for her turn to come and she has stepped up and took advantage of it.”
 Brad Cattermole - “The scores were there to get, you just have to stay on the equipment. We were not mentally tough enough to play tonight. In this game, you've got to stay mentally tough, or you're going to find yourself lying on your back looking up from the floor quite a bit.”
 Brad Cattermole - “Our goal in these meets is to get in and perform the way we practiced. Tonight was pretty close to the way we practice.”
 Brad Cattermole - “We as coaches need to take some responsibility for preparing our girls. It's not a matter of physically being able to perform, but getting it through your head that you can.”
 Brad Cattermole - “This is another meet that provides a big crowd and a good chance to do well. We need to focus on what we are doing and keep getting better.”
 Brad Cattermole - “Those are two very good and extremely talented teams. Our main concern is sticking our routines though. I'm not concerned about who wins the meet. We just need to score well.”
 Brad Cattermole - “It wasn't really her fault, but the end result was she didn't have the consistency that she needed to develop to where she needed to be. She had to pick it up in college, which is a very hard thing to do. When you are in college, doing college work, getting married and looking at graduating, it is hard to pick up everything that you missed before, and gain all the stuff that you are supposed to learn in college.”
 Brad Cattermole - “She Matthews walked onto the team three years ago without really any event that she could compete in at the college level. When she walked on we saw that she was a hard worker and she was willing to give 100 percent every day. Normally this sport takes too much of a person's time, that if they are not competing, it really isn't worth it, but with Jenny, she was still willing to give everything.”