My Favorite Quotes
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 Will Caudle - “I certainly hope so. Hopefully, during the course of the game, they'll realize that those are some big guys. Hopefully, they can use me.”
 Will Caudle - “It's going to be a hostile environment, but when we go on the road, we know it's just us. That's all we have. I feel like we're a good road team. St. Joe's was a big win for us - that was a statement game. We're more mature as a team. We're more together. On the road, you might not have a lot of fans. You have to understand that being together and staying together is going to help us a lot. If we stay together, anything can happen.”
 Will Caudle - “I think we did. I really think we did. The nation understands we're a team that never gives up. These guys man, I'm so proud of them.”
 Will Caudle - “You get more used to it. Honestly, I like playing on the road. I like coming into somebody else's house and playing against them. It's a big challenge for us, and we all love the challenge. To go into somebody's house and win is very satisfying for our team.”
 Will Caudle - “Since I came here, I always gave La Salle respect. Coming up through the ranks, they didn't get a lot of respect. They're a real hungry team, and they've always been that way. They've obviously been through some changes, but I give them respect. Those guys play hard.”
 Will Caudle - “It's one of those things where we have to really dig deep and show some heart out there. Obviously, our backs are against the wall. We have to do something. We have to gut these games out. We have to go out with some fire and realize we have nothing to lose.”
 Will Caudle - “Steve Smith, he's the known. He makes them go. He's real versatile. He can rebound, and he can play on the perimeter and the post. I give him credit. You have to respect his game.”
 Will Caudle - “He's kind of a quiet guy, kind of like a silent assassin. But when he steps out on the court, he's trying to show more emotion. Going into his senior year, he needs to be more vocal with his team. Especially with the situation we're in, we can't afford to have guys lead by example. We have to have guys step up and voice their opinions.”
 Will Caudle - “We really need it. Our confidence is always there, but we'd feel a lot better as far as the A-10 standings go. We really want this game bad. It's going to be a big game.”