My Favorite Quotes
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 Terry Caulley - “I cried for a long time. Saying goodbye to all those guys helped me become who I am. It hurt me the most that I couldn't have one more snap with those guys.”
 Terry Caulley - “We were prepared for the blitzes they had, we worked on it all week. We all have rules. Running backs have rules. The linemen have rules. We have rules as far as protection. If we had stuck to the game plan, stuck to the rules we had, I think we would have been fine. But they did run some twists that were really fast and caused some hits on Bones. ... The game speed was a little bit faster than what we're used to seeing.”
 Terry Caulley - “We came out with the right mentality. Even though they're a I-AA team, we came out with respect for them. We came out with a game plan, executed and got the job done.”
 Terry Caulley - “During the season last year I just felt like my leg was kind of getting fatigued and it was real frustrating. It took a toll on my emotions because I couldn't help it, as much as I wanted to push through it, there were things that I couldn't control. Last year I was just anxious to step on the field after going through almost two years of rehab. This year I can't really even think about it getting tired. I've been through a whole season and there's no more excuses for me now.”
 Terry Caulley - “After I made that first move or first couple of moves, I saw I had a cut-back lane and there was a lot of green in front of me. I wont lie to you, it kind of made me nervous. But my body felt real stable, so I knew everything was intact.”