My Favorite Quotes
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 James Causey - “We came out and played soft and gave up two goals immediately. After that, it was nice to have that one goal, but we didn't fix the problem. With some of the teams we've played we've gotten away with that, gotten away with some shabby things -- and against these guys you can't do that.”
 Bill Causey - “I decided it was in the city's best interest that the marble, which is not a good sidewalk surface, should come up.”
 James Causey - “It's a horrible way for them (Tigers) to lose, and you never feel happy for that, but I've been there before. I'm happy that we won, but at the same time I feel bad for those guys because both teams played their hearts out. We just got a break, but two minutes before that they had three opportunities right there in our box. It was exciting, back and forth, and either side could have won this game.”
 Kevin Causey - “We are not simply saving a historic building, we are creating programming there for the next 100 years.”
 Travis Causey - “Myself and Officer Gibbs arrived on scene and observed a subject identified as Jeffrey Dudley holding another subject's head up as he was laying on the ground. The victim, James Jenkins, was bleeding profusely from his nose and mouth area.”
 Daren Causey - “Music has always been an inspiring factor in my work, and this piece portrays a DJ performing his craft.”
 James Causey - “They were moving to the right places and we were playing very loose defensively.”
 Kevin Causey - “A lot of umpiring is perception. How confident do you look and how well do you project to everyone You may have 20 guys that grade out the same, but for some reason this guy just looks better doing it.”
 Doris Causey - “That was the hardest decision, but I knew it was the right decision. I thought they were gone, because of everything we were hearing.”
 Kevin Causey - “It's kind of like Supreme Court judges. Once they're there, they're there.”
 Daren Causey - “I started to spend more time in the drawing and painting studio course. I thought it would be smart to get my teaching certificate, and upon taking some classes, I discovered I had a passion for teaching.”
 Daren Causey - “I do know that my experience thus far at Haggard has validated my choice to go into teaching. I consider myself to be blessed to be working with such great students and staff.”
 Doris Causey - “I don't care what you see on television, it will never show the impact of what happened.”
 Travis Causey - “Jeffrey said that he noticed Mr. Jenkins bleeding profusely from the nose and mouth and thought he might be choking on his blood. Jeffrey tried the Heimlich maneuver on Mr. Jenkins to keep him from choking.”