My Favorite Quotes
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 Steve Cavallaro - “I think a lot of it was us. We didn't have a very good game. Southeast has been in more pressure games than our players.”
 Steve Cavallaro - “We scored more field goals but it's just a matter of one or two possessions to put us over the top.”
 Steve Cavallaro - “There is no questioning our kids' heart. They want to succeed more than anything else.”
 Steve Cavallaro - “The ride home was real quiet. There were some tears. The guys were upset. They worked hard and made big strides over the course of the season.”
 Steve Cavallaro - “We were in a position to get it back in a hurry. We got it back and then gave it back.”
 Steve Cavallaro - “They played a whole game tonight. I'm proud of these kids. They work so hard and are battling every night.”
 Steve Cavallaro - “It's not how we wanted it to end. This is my third time building a program. This was a big turnaround. The kids deserve a lot of credit. They had to learn a new system. It was a lot of work. Looking at the big picture, it was a great season.”
 Steve Cavallaro - “Playing a team three times is hard. It wasn't our sharpest game of the year. We did enough to get over the hump. Give the kids credit, they battled.”
 Steve Cavallaro - “The best thing we did was ball movement. They stayed in their gaps and did a good job of understanding how to attack the zones.”