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 Red Cavaney - “You have to keep feed-stock going to them if you're going to have any hope of keeping them up and running.”
 Red Cavaney - “Time and again our industry has been cleared of any wrongdoing in these matters, and we are confident that this investigation or any other will have the same results.”
 Red Cavaney - “A waiver right now would be counterproductive for the consumer over time,”
 Red Cavaney - “During times of volatility in gasoline markets, it is not unusual for investigations of our industry to be launched. Our record of being exonerated by those investigations is spotless,”
 Red Cavaney - “My message today is that shutdowns of industry facilities could impact the flow of gasoline and other fuels,”
 Red Cavaney - “The impact of this devastating storm on oil and natural gas operations will be significant and protracted, ... Let us understand This is not an easy thing.”
 Red Cavaney - “Anytime you have steady and predictable demand, which we have with worldwide crude oil demand, and you have relatively small surpluses of production capacity, anything out of the ordinary touches a speculator's heart and can therefore become a premium. Until you have a reasonable surplus capacity, you're going to have problems.”
 Red Cavaney - “In fact, there are news reports today that the Congressional Research Service has attributed the gasoline price situation in the Midwest to supply disruption problems and the use of reformulated gasoline with ethanol,”
 Red Cavaney - “What we are trying to say is, tell us what you want, not how to make it happen, ... and at the end of the day we will have additional capacity.”
 Red Cavaney - “If Lady Luck smiles on us there won't be a third hurricane, ... Probably no one is more sensitive to the weather in the Atlantic Ocean or the Gulf than the people in this industry.”
 Red Cavaney - “Lee has been a legend in the pantheon of industry leaders since the beginning of time. He commands this tremendous aura of respect when he speaks. People do listen.”
 Red Cavaney - “No one knows the ins and outs of energy policy like Joe Barton.”
 Red Cavaney - “Plan your trips to conserve fuel. Do not fill up your gas tank unless needed. Lower your top speed by 10 miles per hour,”
 Red Cavaney - “Yes, someday oil will be replaced, but clearly not until alternatives are found and tested - alternatives that are proven more reliable, more versatile, and more cost-competitive than oil.”
 Red Cavaney - “He can very quickly get to the essence of a conversation. People talk about him as a very skilled negotiator . . . (with) tremendous project management skills, capacity to envision very, very complex undertakings.”
 Red Cavaney - “You as individuals have some control”
 Red Cavaney - “I think everyone should be encouraging conservation, especially at this time,”
 Red Cavaney - “Right now would be a good time for everybody to ramp up on their conservation. It's the biggest thing that could help.”
 Red Cavaney - “The American Petroleum Institute and its members condemn price gouging.”
 Red Cavaney - “The American Petroleum Institute and its members condemn price gouging,”
 Red Cavaney - “Lee's capacity to focus on shareholder returns and the consistency he brought that company will ultimately make him one of the industry's greatest.”
 Red Cavaney - “We can no longer be fortress America. I think we, like other industries, have been slow in understanding the need to communicate what we're doing to the public and opinion makers.”
 Red Cavaney - “We call on the FTC to make clear its findings as soon as possible,”
 Red Cavaney - “We call on the FTC to make clear its findings as soon as possible.”
 Red Cavaney - “(The reserve's) basic intent was to provide crude oil at critical times to the users that had the need. If it isn't fully subscribed, then (the refinery) who had an urgent need was taken care of.”

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