My Favorite Quotes
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 Michael Cawley - “We very much regret having to reduce our schedule to allow for the late delivery of new aircraft from Boeing (BA) and the planned retirement of our older 737-200's in December.”
 Frank Cawley - “There was a 3- or 4-minute stretch where Meghan Hurley was unbelievable. I thought that stretch that Meghan played was the best she's played all year.”
 Frank Cawley - “I was impressed with how we just kept coming at them. That stretch was the best I've seen Meghan (Hurley) play all year and it really put them away.”
 Michael Cawley - “We think the low-cost market is set to explode in Europe.”
 Frank Cawley - “When Molly Wilhelm picked up that third foul in the first half, that was a concern.”
 James Cawley - “We're re-evaluating, looking at what went right and if perhaps things could go better. It's a special commitment.”
 Michael Cawley - “We have always made it very clear to Cornwall County Council that their airport and region is part of a competitive price-sensitive market.”
 James Cawley - “Starship Farragut has proven it's legitimacy as a respectable film project. Within six months, they produced their series trailer starting from scratch and this is a significant achievement. God Speed Starship Farragut”